Dominos - Honor Oak Park



Dominos are using (not many) ebikes. These are limited to 15.5mph on the motor but they do have pedals too so can go faster that way, but must take some effort as the pedals are tiny. I think it is the presence of the pedals on these ebikes that allow them to be classed like push bikes.


These electric bikes are just for show. They don’t use them. They both still have wrapping on the seats.


Hi everyone, I’m in touch with Domino’s and have a ref number to report any bad behaviour from their delivery guys. Rat-running is my bug-bear but I know others have also seen them riding scooters on the pavements. If you see anything like this, can you please try to make a note of the time, date, place and vehicle registration plate then share it here so that I can let Domino’s know? Or if you’d like to raise your own complaint with them you can do so on


Thats great work @AgentBlonde lets keep them peeled. :face_with_monocle:


Andddddddddd the e-bikes are gone. Haven’t noticed any additional moped traffic though.


How disappointing!


They were probably needed wherever their next store just opened…


What an entirely cynical - and probably very accurate - observation.

Trust someone is following up on it - presuming that they have not been nicked of course.



I wonder whether anyone has gone into the restaurant and asked them about this.


I saw loads of rubbish just down the side of Mama Dough this morning, & just assumed it was coming from there. It does look an eyesore especially as one of the black bags has been ripped open overnight. What is the proof that it’s coming from Doninos? I didn’t stop to study the mess!



Definitely is Dominos as brand labelled waste dumped beside and in their biffa bin. Spoke with staff today and they picked all bags and piled it up into biffa bin but overflowing and lid can’t be closed.

We have been raising the issue with council for years as residents and businesses don’t always collect bins and creates an area for flytipping and has attracted vermin. Worse now since Dominos as other businesses tend to take their bins in more promptly.

Leafleted residents businesses and more recently emailing council, Dominos since it has opened . Enforcement officer has been on site but still unresolved. Raised again today.

Dominos staff told me they are allowed to leave biffa bin permanently on the street blocking pavement! Didn’t think this was allowed in most boroughs?


It is all totally unacceptable. The poor family who live in the xmas house must be beyond dispair. Is the enforcement officer just from the council or from Environmental health? Whoever or wherever he’s from needs to be getting his act together & doing something about it pronto.


The poor family who live next door with the Xmas lights has been in touch with the council,I don’t understand why it’s been 3 days and no collection and being left on the street they must have a back yard like all the shops in the street .
Were are they keeping all the rubbish for this week in the Shop !
Not very hygentic and am sure the food Hygenie department of council should have a look …


Just take this from the Lewisham council website and it likes they are breaking a few rules -

  • Please put your wheelie bin or sacks on the pavement outside your premises so that we can see them.

  • Please don’t leave bins and sacks on the pavement overnight.

  • We will only collect waste and side waste contained in official Lewisham Council business waste or recycling sacks or bins.

  • You should tie your sacks at the top to prevent any spillages.

  • Sacks should not be heavier than 12.5kg (28lbs).

  • The lid of your bins should be closed. Make sure that you keep your bin covered and don’t overload it. You must pack the waste so that it can’t fall out or blow away.

  • You should take reasonable steps to prevent your waste being removed by vandals, thieves, animals, accident or weather.

  • We will only provide bins if you have enough space to store them on your property between collections. You cannot store bins permanently on the public road or pavement.


Welcome to London. Sadly, this is the state of affairs in most boroughs. The only area where I’ve seen it strictly enforced is Westminster Council. But most other councils refuse to fine their business’s and residents. Having said that, Westminster Council collected the bins every single day like clockwork and kept the streets clean with an army of street cleaners.

Personally, it’s one of the reasons I’ll never settle down in London. Too dense, inept councils, lack of enforcement around basic hygiene and rubbish collection which is really important when we all live on top of each other. Just tired of seeing dog shit everywhere, food bins tipped over and left for weeks, overflowing bins everywhere. It’s feral.


It’s all the more galling when you look at the weight of public opinion against Dominos moving in in the first place.

I hope the council can find a way (whatever loophole it takes) to prevent more of these crappy chain delivery hubs moving into the high street and taking shopfronts that could be friendly and considerate independents that create footfall.


I gave been talking to a fellow volunteer at the library who lives opposite on Grierson Road. She says she hasn’t taken any notice as it always gets like that, but all the shops along Honor Oak Park our their bins there to be emptied. I’ve butches though that it has been a lot lot tidier since the last debacle. They seem now to be getting the bins rolled back down the alleyway quicker. Just got the basement work going on now :confused:I will ask my fellow volunteer who the work is for (if she knows).


This is a bit of a side bar to the main topic, but if any further proof was needed of the homogenisation of our high street, I had to look at this photo three times before realising it was in fact not the HOP branch - looks similar huh?