Dominos - Honor Oak Park



Dominos are using (not many) ebikes. These are limited to 15.5mph on the motor but they do have pedals too so can go faster that way, but must take some effort as the pedals are tiny. I think it is the presence of the pedals on these ebikes that allow them to be classed like push bikes.


These electric bikes are just for show. They don’t use them. They both still have wrapping on the seats.


Hi everyone, I’m in touch with Domino’s and have a ref number to report any bad behaviour from their delivery guys. Rat-running is my bug-bear but I know others have also seen them riding scooters on the pavements. If you see anything like this, can you please try to make a note of the time, date, place and vehicle registration plate then share it here so that I can let Domino’s know? Or if you’d like to raise your own complaint with them you can do so on


Thats great work @AgentBlonde lets keep them peeled. :face_with_monocle:


Andddddddddd the e-bikes are gone. Haven’t noticed any additional moped traffic though.


How disappointing!


They were probably needed wherever their next store just opened…


What an entirely cynical - and probably very accurate - observation.

Trust someone is following up on it - presuming that they have not been nicked of course.