Dominos - Honor Oak Park

Delivery lorry parked squarely across the middle of HOP this evening for around 15 minutes, reducing the road to a narrow single track. Cars backed up in both directions. How can they get away with this sort of disregard for locals?

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Totally sympathise.

Unfortunately: Dominos, being a multi-national company, the damage done to their global reputation by a handful of disgruntled Honor Oak residents is negligible.

If they were a small independent local business, their local reputation would mean everything to them, because annoying the locals would kill their whole business.

When people campaigned against Dominos it was because they knew this s**t would happen if a faceless chain moved into a high street formerly rich in independent businesses.

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The e-bikes are gone and have now been replaced by standard petrol mopeds. But the delivery drivers are just using their cars instead. For all the shiny tiles and ovens they have the pizza is sh*te as well even though I was a sucker for a meateor before hand. Would recommend any other locals to do themselves a favour, walk pass it and hit up Express Pizza or Momma Dough instead (depending on the occasion).


Because our Council isn’t doing its job?

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I’ve snapped them a number of times every time I see them do it, just so that they know they are being watched, though fat lot of good it will do probably, but good evidence. They always block an entire lane because the artic is too big to park. i don’t know why they don’t do what Sainsbury’s do which is downsize the local delivery trucks to more manageable lorry size, though that is bad enough. these big pantechnicians are wildly inappropriate for our streets. But they don’t care.

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You could tweet the pics at them with dominos related hastags. That seems to be one of the few things these companies care about these days.


Agreed - how much stuff can there be to deliver to make a pizza??

That really is out of order and must surely contravene what was in the original planning application?

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That should be the case, and so it’s a matter for enforcement …

Similar problems in Dartmouth Road, max-sized articulated truck delivers a box of flowers!

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