Dominos Sneaky Trick

Apparently a letter or note came through a neighbours letterbox about Dominos Pizza planning to extend somehow for a seating area. Another council approval I sense happening alongside like Duncombe Hill. Money matters more hey!!! These so called pretend to show we care meetings to look like we care but don’t it makes us look good on paper. Sorry just makes me angry how much passion people put into stopping such things happening. Anyone else get this piece of wasted paper come through the letterbox. Already they open past 11pm. Grrrr hope that made sense rushing to work getting wound up. Correct me if I am totally misinformed and it’s all a bad dream!!

I haven’t received anything yet. I did sign the last petition to stop Domino’s, a lot of good it did! Especially when the council held a meeting & invited anyone who was against Dominos to attend, but only if you were there to discuss anything apart from Dominos taking over the premises, so I didn’t go!

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I know it’s a joke pointless and money grabbing la la la lol. I wonder about our local council and who runs this. I went that day and the man who was in charge of the agenda was so rude how he spoke to people. It was very us and them and felt like rehearsed show. These so called people coming into area throwing cash around like nothing else matters please think they have rights just like that… Oh they do silly me so superior!! The council can’t even sort out the issues with housing and other things correctly. It spoils it for the good working ones who do work there and belittles the meaning of community vibes. Besides they like to sweep mess under carpet and make everything look new…rosey and shiny with so called policies. Sorry but some locals put heart and soul into ensuring areas like ours keeps its beauty and historical features. Grrrr if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!
If I see this stupid note I shall share it. I hope they didn’t put it where it should be to soon. Sad how paper gets wasted. The energy used to write this out wow I could of thought of better ways to be more creative.

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I was against Dominos on the the site of the Old Bank restaurant - it was totally inappropriate there.

I don’t personally have an objection to where it is now, and I guess a seating area would add more footfall to the High Street. That said I can’t recall any Dominos with seating areas so will be interesting to see if there is any official documentation to support this claim.

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A seating area doesn’t really seem to fit Dominos business model so this is an odd move.

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I totally agree with that!! I don’t get why a neighbour got this and not me. Makes no sense in it. I haven’t had a chance to catch up a see the note I hope they have not thrown it so I share. But if anyone else has one let us know! :blush:

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I think this is the planning application, submitted in December: DC/19/115125

It looks like they wish to be able to open from 11am to 11pm on Sundays and Bank Holidays, in addition to their current hours.

I don’t see anything about a seating area.

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I believe it’s been commented on a number of times on other threads but it bears remembering here as well.

The retail premises at 56 Dartmouth Road was already classed as A3 for planning use; food and drink to be consumed on, or offsite. As the new tenant, Domino’s never needed to seek planning permission to use this site. Nor as class A3 would they need to seek planning permission to offer inside seating for dining. Unless this meant material changes to the building.

I understand there was much local opposition to the new Domino’s. But the local authority (no matter how rude) is not at fault here. Given the existing classification, there was nothing they could do. Whether a local authority should have the power to chose what shops can open in an area is a very different conversation which might be best held elsewhere.

I think this is a somewhat unfair view point. I gather the local councillors have been very vocal in their support to maintain the green for community use. I’d be very surprised if the proposal as it stands now (or in the future) would be approved.


While it’s true that the change of use happened long ago (in 1994), Domino’s did make changes which required planning permission, granted in August 2018 under DC/17/104342. This was for the new shop front & signage, a rear roof, air conditioning, cold room compressors etc… things that would probably have stopped Domino’s opening if not granted.

However, it would have been a difficult argument to uphold that such changes should not have been allowed to the existing premise (A3 or A5, there is some confusion in the docs) and I agree that planners should not get to chose the exact shops and businesses that are permitted.

Another thing to note is that the latest application does have some lines that are at least mindful of neighbours in their covering letter for the application:


Thank you for your response Starman.
The Pizza note has been destroyed :neutral_face:neighbour said she laughed at it ripped it up so that ends that matter for me to show.

From my experience rightly or wrongly addressed and I can only apologise if I was somewhat off about my view.

I was there at that meeting about Dominoes Pizza debate 2018 I think??
Only 2 people within the council came across fairly on the topic and spoke very well towards the public at the time. I respected that a lot considering it was a late & a long debate but still remained professional throughout and even they seemed puzzled on how this was approached. Sometimes communication lacks or can be selective which is why I feel suspicious and maybe others too??

This does spoil things and can get out of hand making it look one sided and done in a way that can come across like it does to me.

The Save Duncombe Hill ongoing matter in hand. It’s looks insulting to put signs up and fake CCTV posts up when nothing is official. I see it has an insult to those who are fighting and still working hard on this to then show that money matters more to the wrong areas then the areas that need money to be put in and used wisely.

DC/19/115125 was granted yesterday.