Donation-based bicycle courier services offered


I would like to offer my services as a bicycle courier to anyone in the local area who needs items picking up or delivering between businesses and/or homes. In particular, I would be happy to assist vulnerable people who are not able to leave their home to collect essential items.

Appropriate social distancing will of course be maintained, with the minimum amount of social contact (items left on the doorstep, etc).

Any donations/tips would be very much appreciated but are not essential, if financial resources are limited.

This morning I lost my job and my only source of income working as a courier, as a result of an anticipated reduction in business following last night’s announcement. My main intention is to feel like I am doing something useful in the community, and earning a little bit of money to help pay the rent and buy food would be a welcome bonus.

Please contact me on 07763845120 or at to discuss your needs.

All the best,



I love what you’re doing here.

If you contact one of my tenants, Beetroot & Beans at 57a Dartmouth Road and offer your service to them to help any elderly or vulnerable people I will pay your delivery charge directly to you by bank transfer.

PS - I haven’t mentioned this to Ania, but she will no doubt contact me to confirm if you pop in to see her.


Hi John,

This is a very kind and generous offer. I will contact Ania at Beetroot & Beans and hopefully we can arrange to meet up and discuss how I might be of service.

I hope that you and your family are managing to stay healthy, safe and sane during this current challenging and uncertain period.




I do know that the Proud Sow are moving to deliveries - so maybe give them a shout?
They were open today and their staff are working really hard to meet demand - quality people.


Thanks Nick, I appreciate the suggestion!

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Hi John, could you please let me know your email address or contact phone number (you can find mine in my original post if you’d prefer not to post your details on here).

Thanks in advance, Marcus

I’ve just texted you.