Donde Burglary

Hello locals

We were broken in to last night , which I feel were young opportunists…

They came in a black car with 4 or 5 men.

They came just for money , no other valuables were taken.

The till float was minimal but the till operating system we use is very expensive, which I can claim back on the insurance.

Kind regards

Jason - Donde

I would be grateful if anyone has seen a white tablet style till and cash draw dumped. The make is called clover. Because I am covered for a hardware replacement.

Terrible…hope you find the till and draw Jason and the scum bags are caught.


So sorry to hear this. When I had my shop I was broken into and it makes you feel awful. Police found fingerprints on my till which led to 2 being put in prison for 2 years. Hope you get a similar result.


How awful. Our local.