Donde is closing



Sad news from one of the many great places to eat in Honor Oak:


Oh no! That is truly awful news. It’s such a great place. I’m sure I saw a sign in the window recently that said they were closing for a refurbishment. Bizarre.


So many favourites closing down :disappointed:
What’s going on?


That’s so sad, another great local independent business closing :frowning:

@LPH the key is locals have to shop/eat/buy at the businesses they love for them to survive.

I actually feel really gutted about this :cry:


All is not lost. The sign on the front door says that a new restaurant is replacing it “some time in November”, which will serve craft beer, fine wine and pub food… Would be a welcome addition to HOP


What a shame, loved Donde and the friendly welcome. I know the guys at spanish particular are looking for a more permanent home… shame to the two teams couldn’t join forces… can’t help but think craft beer and pub food is already quite well catered for locally. Wishing the staff and owners all the best though! X


Couldn’t agree more. Had many a lovely meal there and took plenty of out of SE23 friends there too. Hopefully the new venture will be similarly great


So sad. We loved Donde! Is the new place going to be run by the same people or have I misread a comment higher up


Thats terrible news! They served some really great tapas. It will be missed…


Sad news indeed but excited about the replacement just as long as it’s not another pizza joint. I love pizza as much as the next carb loader, but enough’s enough round here.


What’s odd as well is that Donde only recently opened a second store at Croydon Boxpark, which normally would suggest that their business couldn’t have done too badly. Now both stores have disappeared. I assume that the rents at the Boxpark are sky high so hopefully it wasn’t those which forced them to close both stores…

Looking forward to the new place though, the menu looks interesting if a bit obscure.


To be replaced by the Clumsy Mole…


Continued here: The Clumsy Mole (formerly Donde)