Donde Popup!

Hi everyone, has anyone else noticed that the The Clumsy Mole is reverting back to Donde on what looks like a Pop Up basis to start with from this Friday!! Menu looks great and the Paella variations look fantastic!!! Welcome back Tapas and I
wish you had never left!



That’s excellent news! Can someone post a photo of the tapas menu? @TheClumsyMole?

Great! Will look forward to trying the different Paellas!

This is good news, and promising to hear that they are adding some new dishes. The problem with Donde, in my opinion, was that the menu was stagnant. Once I’d been 2-3 times, I wasn’t rushing back to go again, as it was just more of the same. Hopefully they will have some changing specials this time.

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Anyone starting a book on when the name changes back to Donde put me down for two months

Popped in for a pint last night, It was fairly busy. Never made it in during the Clumsy Mole days. Very impressed with the new layout and deco.

RIP The Clumsy Mole

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