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Donde returns!

The Clumsy Mole (Dec 2017 - Apr 2018)

Popped in on Friday and I have to say I was not overly impressed. Food and beer choices somewhat limited although what we had was nice enough - not outstanding but good enough. The staff seemed absent and I hate to sound like an old fogey but standing in the street chatting on your mobile is not a good look. It was quiet in there but we still had issues getting attention.
A mate with us had been several times before in the previous incarnation and felt a bit let down as it was his recommendation. It’s the little things like having no normal tonic for a g&t.
I give it another go but only just…


Why are you so negative at least they were willing to take your money be grateful :slight_smile:


I went there many years on my own. I was told that people usually went there with others which made me feel rather embarrassed, although the place was practically empty.

I would not go there again.


I’ve been in a few times lately - the food is much better than the previous tapas incarnation as I think there’s a new chef. Surprised to see so many negative comments, thought it was a nice and relaxed place for a bite to eat.


I don’t understand the negative comments. I go to Donde quite a lot and like the food. It’s SE23 and not the West End, you can’t expect that kind of West End slickness locally because restarateurs don’t have huge chains funding them. You have small operations on tight budgets trying to do their best for a local trade, and what you do have as a result is local idiosyncracy which I think should be celebrated, not criticised, I know what you mean about the service, but it’s not bad, just wave them over. The way to make it better is just to tell them politely. I also agree with one comment that the food is better than before - most definitely. They hsve a short wine and beer list to be sure, but they’re good (particualrly the wines), Don’t undertstand the negative comment about something that happened several years ago. Cut them some slack I say, and celebrate our local services, with all their particular kind of charms.


Recently visited and the Tapas offering was distinctly average. Food was served minutes after ordering suggesting it has been simply re-heated and was drenched in oil. Had high hopes but was very disappointed. All for supporting a local restaurant but food still needs to be served with some thought and attention. I’ll be sticking to Mama Dough for grub in HOP.


I agree that the food was disappointing on a recent visit. The food was basic and seemed reheated. Service was also not attentive. Toilets could also have been cleaner. These points need to be addressed otherwise I won’t be back.


It’s ridiculous to say you need the funding of a big chain to provide good service. The concept, decor, service and food at Donde is all 2nd rate and has totally failed to move with the times.

Mr Bao, Begging Bowl, Artusi, Jones Of Brockley are all local, independent and offer incredible food and service. It’s a shame that Honor Oak isn’t attracting the same level of innovative, interesting food options. Mama Dough is fine and Grounds & Grape is getting better, but it would be great to see some cool new entrepreneurs come in and replace Donde and Provender.


Saka Maka, Masala Wala Cafe and Bite mi. All good food too! If you venture down to Brockley.


I went to Miss Tapas in Peckham last night and the food was incredible. Far better than anything I had in Sitges a couple of months ago.