Door to door begging



A few nights ago I was approached at my front door by a man as I put the bins out clearly planning to ask for money but left when i said I had to get back to my little one.

He is back again just now asking my partner for money spinning a story about getting home.

We’re on Brockley rise, anyone else seen him?


Not sure if this is the same person, but I was asked by a man in his early 20s to help with money for a hostel on Sunday night which I didn’t have outside The Chandos. He rang our doorbell on Brockley Rise at 1.30am this morning and woke both myself and my partner up. I didn’t answer and have been feeling guilty not asking if he was ok. Might be the same man?


No. This man was in his 40s, short, stocky, short brown hair, brown coat, eastern European accent. Had a fake letter from council about being evicted.


But that is awful being woken up at 1.30, sorry you had that and don’t feel guilty!


We’ve been approached by a man called ‘David’ a couple of times when we have been drinking in the Chandos, asking for money - the staff there seemed to know him so assume he does this regularly in the area. Could be the same person


This was in response to @BexSE23 as he doesn’t sound the same as the man you’ve described @AmandaSE23


Oh, I was in a Forest Hill restaurant today and a man broadly fitting this description came in and talked to the proprietor for ages with a similar story and eviction letter.


Hey Bex, sorry to hear this. Hope this guy is ok and also that you weren’t too spooked. Do you think he knew where you lived or was he just going door to door?


It’s certainly a sad story but unfortunately not real as he’s said he’s being evicted that day on various days, and the letter was dated 10th March too


From our FB page:


This is clearly a scam of sorts and must be considered anti-social behaviour and should be raised to the relevant authorities (is it a Police matter?).

Feeling guilty would be the very last emotion I would experience had he woken me and my family up at 1.30am…


This part was in response to Bex’s story, which seems like a different thing.


Has anyone reported to Police? You certainly don’t expect a stranger to be knocking on your door at that hour!
Again he could really really frighten an elderly couple or one living on their own.
I’m sorry as well that this has happened to you Bex. We did have someone knock on our door in Kilgour Road about 8 o clock Sunday night. My husband looked through our shutters & assumed it was cold calling of some sort. I will ask him if he can remember if it was male or female.
We all need to be vigilant as usual.


Hi Bex

Did this man have red hair?

My girlfriend was approached just now ( at around midnight ) by a young guy in his 20’s saying he was homeless. This was outside brockley supermarket on brockley rise.