Door-to-door Callers in SE23

Do we now have the NSPCC in the area?

NSPCC? Online or a phone call away if you need them.

I think it was about NSPCC calling door to door in the area today.

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Tewkesbury Lodge Residents has a thread now about them visiting a number of properties on the estate.

I had them in Standlake couple weeks back, Windrush Lane - said to them ‘not interested’

Yes - we had a chap Thursday night. He wasn’t very good. Not aggressive or anything but trying to play it all cool, friendly and street and came across as an idiot I declined.

We also had the NSPC call on Thursday evening. Whoever calls at the door, I tell them I don’t sign up for anything on the doorstep and close the door immediately. Saves them wasting time on a lost cause, to be fair.

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Yesterday (Friday) we had a young man on the door at around 8 PM. He had NPCC badge on a lanyard. Two weeks ago also on a Friday, a young man with Diabetes UK badge - this was at 9 PM!

My standard reply is that we give to charity but never on the door.


We or I just look through the shutters & unless they are a courier or postman holding a parcel we just don’t answer the door! If they keep coming back & really banging on the door, I go out & give them short shrift :grimacing: makes me laugh when they say “oh I’m not selling anything” when of course they are.

A couple of saturdays ago we had a charity cold caller from Battersea Dogs home knocking at our flat door. We have a secure entrance to our block of flats so he had obviously been let in by a resident or followed behind someone. When we asked him to leave as we do not allow non residents to walk around the block knocking on individual flat doors, they should only go to the flat of the resident they are visiting, he got aggressive and retorted we did not have the right to tell him what to do. Seeing as it is our private property we responded we very much had the right and my partner escorted him to the front entrance of our block of flats and made sure he left.

I hate the trend of charities indulging in cold calling as they are annoying and intrusive and I think risk taking advantage of vulnerable and lonely people.


They aren’t selling anything. What on earth is a charity fundraiser selling? They are paid a fixed hourly rate to do one of the most thankless tasks in society. The NSPCC does amazing work to protect children from abuse. How anyone on this thread can object to being asked to consider supporting such a worthy cause puzzles me. If you prefer not to support that’s fine, a polite no does the trick. A charity fundraiser will be told no many times but it’s worth it for the few who say yes. The people who say yes save and improve lives.


A polite no is what they get from me. The sellers at the door are not always so polite, sad to say, no matter how worthy the organisation they are representing. And it IS selling. They are asking you to buy a subscription.

There is an argument that if legitimate organisations use door-to-door sales, this gives an opportunity for scammers to do the same. If no legitimate organisation used this technique, it would be so much easier to safeguard the vulnerable, as the message to never buy at the door (or sign your name to something that involves taking your money) would be clear cut.


Hi Faye… I don’t think anyone on this thread were objecting to the charity or indeed the collection method. Most appear to be quite courteous in their response.

You should also note this thread was split off from the Updates from your local Safer Neighbourhood Team where several members were expressing concern about cold callers (not just from charities). The concern that the cold callers were in fact casing homes for burglaries.

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Buying a subscription to stop child abuse?

Essentially, yes, when you sign up to make a monthly donation, it’s a subscription. As @starman said, no one is objecting to giving to charities per se, and this thread allows people to let other forum members know when legitimate organisations are calling in the area.


Though since pay was brought up, the CEO of the NSPCC is paid £167,000 per year not counting pension contributions with over fifty staff on salaries above £60,000.


really? I thought most fundraisers were on commission

Objection your honour… off topic… I’ll just leave this here:

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Did you catch his name or number? I’m sure Battersea would want to know. Unfortunately cold calling is a thankless job isn’t it? That’s probably why they get aggressive, but that’s not an excuse, they choose to do the job.

If individuals feel strongly enough about door knocking and ‘cold’ approaches from charities they can call up the charities in question and put a block on their address and number. Charities are regulated stringently and must action these requests. It’s all a big unpleasant that people seem to use this forum to complain about charities and the homeless. Not a lot of empathy here from the regulars :confused:

I could address all the excuses not to give here but obviously we’ve been asked to keep away from the ethical and philosophical component of the discussion.

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