Door-to-door Callers in SE23


Hi Faye… I don’t think anyone on this thread were objecting to the charity or indeed the collection method. Most appear to be quite courteous in their response.

You should also note this thread was split off from the Updates from your local Safer Neighbourhood Team where several members were expressing concern about cold callers (not just from charities). The concern that the cold callers were in fact casing homes for burglaries.


Buying a subscription to stop child abuse?


Essentially, yes, when you sign up to make a monthly donation, it’s a subscription. As @starman said, no one is objecting to giving to charities per se, and this thread allows people to let other forum members know when legitimate organisations are calling in the area.


Though since pay was brought up, the CEO of the NSPCC is paid £167,000 per year not counting pension contributions with over fifty staff on salaries above £60,000.


really? I thought most fundraisers were on commission

Objection your honour… off topic… I’ll just leave this here:


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Did you catch his name or number? I’m sure Battersea would want to know. Unfortunately cold calling is a thankless job isn’t it? That’s probably why they get aggressive, but that’s not an excuse, they choose to do the job.


If individuals feel strongly enough about door knocking and ‘cold’ approaches from charities they can call up the charities in question and put a block on their address and number. Charities are regulated stringently and must action these requests. It’s all a big unpleasant that people seem to use this forum to complain about charities and the homeless. Not a lot of empathy here from the regulars :confused:

I could address all the excuses not to give here but obviously we’ve been asked to keep away from the ethical and philosophical component of the discussion.


Please don’t equate not responding to cold-callers with not giving to charity. I donate my time, skills and cash to several charities. I never speak to door-to-door callers.


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If you’re referring to the people who come door-to-door, they are paid sales staff doing a job, not committed supporters of the charities concerned. I can understand you feeling people here are being harsh if you thought they were people going out of their way and chosing to take a low-paid position for altruistic reasons. But that’s not the reality of these sales people or ‘chuggers’ who stop you in the street.


I know lots of very committed people who work as street fundraisers. If you want to make assumptions that’s your choice.
Check this link out for your rights and how charities are regulated.


Forum members are complaining about unwanted door-to-door solicitation, and in topics elsewhere we’ve seen (understandable) complaints about certain beggars who are either aggressive or deceptive (known by the police to be not genuinely homeless, for example).

Let’s make our points respectfully and without casting aspersions on other forum members please. I’ve seen first-hand that @RachaelDunlop is generous to charitable causes and goes out of her way to promote them.


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Oh dear, I feel responsible for this disagreement as I started it off for complaining about ADT knocking on my door asking for details of the security on my house… didn’t realise it would escalate to this!

Faye for what it’s worth, I do support a number of charities but I never ever sign up on the doorstep as its something I like to think carefully about, which I always explain politely. I can imagine it’s a difficult job traipsing door to door in the cold.


Thanks Daffodil. I work in the 3rd sector with brilliant and kind people who try to help others. It’s such a shame when people are so dismissive of fundraisers when a majority of them really want to help others.


I used to work in the charity sector and I whole-heartedly support what Rachael said.

It’s such a shame when people are so dismissive of fundraisers when a majority of them really want to help others.

Indeed. Just as it would be a shame to leap to conclusions about what someone thinks of charities when they are raising a legitimate comment about the “sales techniques” of third party sales staff.




RULE Fr14: Stickers
Fundraisers MUST NOT knock on a door which clearly displays a sticker that explicitly states “no cold calling” “no cold callers”, “no charities”, “no charity canvassers” or “no charity fundraisers”.

Shall I put in a bulk order for cold-hearted forum members?


That rule book is missing one glaring thing. Their commission. That should be one of the first things they have to state when engaging in a conversation.

I felt disgusted after giving a few years ago and learning how much some of the agencies take. Never again. If I want to donate I’ll go on the Internet.