Door-to-door Callers in SE23


Please don’t equate not responding to cold-callers with not giving to charity. I donate my time, skills and cash to several charities. I never speak to door-to-door callers.


If you’re referring to the people who come door-to-door, they are paid sales staff doing a job, not committed supporters of the charities concerned. I can understand you feeling people here are being harsh if you thought they were people going out of their way and chosing to take a low-paid position for altruistic reasons. But that’s not the reality of these sales people or ‘chuggers’ who stop you in the street.


I know lots of very committed people who work as street fundraisers. If you want to make assumptions that’s your choice.
Check this link out for your rights and how charities are regulated.


Forum members are complaining about unwanted door-to-door solicitation, and in topics elsewhere we’ve seen (understandable) complaints about certain beggars who are either aggressive or deceptive (known by the police to be not genuinely homeless, for example).

Let’s make our points respectfully and without casting aspersions on other forum members please. I’ve seen first-hand that @RachaelDunlop is generous to charitable causes and goes out of her way to promote them.


This forum is not really my scene and I’m struggling to find a delete account option. Would you delete my account pls Chris?


Oh dear, I feel responsible for this disagreement as I started it off for complaining about ADT knocking on my door asking for details of the security on my house… didn’t realise it would escalate to this!

Faye for what it’s worth, I do support a number of charities but I never ever sign up on the doorstep as its something I like to think carefully about, which I always explain politely. I can imagine it’s a difficult job traipsing door to door in the cold.


Thanks Daffodil. I work in the 3rd sector with brilliant and kind people who try to help others. It’s such a shame when people are so dismissive of fundraisers when a majority of them really want to help others.


I used to work in the charity sector and I whole-heartedly support what Rachael said.

It’s such a shame when people are so dismissive of fundraisers when a majority of them really want to help others.

Indeed. Just as it would be a shame to leap to conclusions about what someone thinks of charities when they are raising a legitimate comment about the “sales techniques” of third party sales staff.




RULE Fr14: Stickers
Fundraisers MUST NOT knock on a door which clearly displays a sticker that explicitly states “no cold calling” “no cold callers”, “no charities”, “no charity canvassers” or “no charity fundraisers”.

Shall I put in a bulk order for cold-hearted forum members?


That rule book is missing one glaring thing. Their commission. That should be one of the first things they have to state when engaging in a conversation.

I felt disgusted after giving a few years ago and learning how much some of the agencies take. Never again. If I want to donate I’ll go on the Internet.


I don’t see why you should be apologising. Most people are decent & hardworking & do their best to help charities where they can. :blush:


I don’t know if you have deleted your account yet, but would like to say I & my family donate to charities either by sending money, direct debits, donating to children in need etc…apart from them keep knocking & if I am not persistent in telling them no, or not opening the door in the first place, what about older people whose door they knock on & harass. My mum lived her last 9 years out in very good sheltered housing where she was protected from unwanted callers, but she did get unsolicited callers that frightened her even though she was on tel preference list. If she had still been in her previous home she would have been very frightened by someone strange & sometimes very ‘pushy’ knocking on her door, especially about 8 o clock in the evening. I’ve got to say I agree wholly with the other forum members comments.


Yeah do that. Door to door fundraisers don’t need to waste their time on people who have already made their minds up. Like I said at the start all you have to do is check the guidelines to know how to opt out.


I support McMillan as their nurses looked after my terminally ill mother and mother in law. I decided to give to their charity after they showed enormous compassion, care and help. I only give to them. If that makes me cold hearted then pass me a sticker.


I have worked in the charity sector and give to charity. That does not excuse charity fundraisers getting aggressive or trespassing on private property when they have been asked to leave.

Sadly there are instances of elderly and vulnerable people feeling pressured in to signing up for more donations than they can afford.


Just because some people don’t want to hand over bank details on the doorstep to people they don’t know doesn’t mean they are cold hearted. It simply means, in a lot of cases, that people are wary of handing over details to people they don’t know on the doorstep. Furthermore, philanthropy tends to be quite personal. The charities I support may be different to the charities my friends support. So the people who come to the doorstep may represent organisations whose particular area of concern is not of interest to the person whose door they are knocking. I don’t think it’s fair to call people cold hearted because they don’t sign up for charitable giving on the doorstep. I wouldn’t do so. My charitable giving is done in a different way and I am not going to change that. I wouldn’t be rude to a doorstep charity collector provided that they were also polite, as the last one I had was. I wasn’t going to engage in any transaction with him, but I think we were both perfectly polite to each other.


I think @Andy was joking about forum members being cold hearted. I also think he was joking about offering to order them door stickers.


I always wonder about these ‘no cold callers, no junk mail’ stickers. They make a house look so unfriendly and unwelcoming. Some cold callers (a minority, I admit) are quite interesting to talk to - I always look forward to the Jehovah’s Witnesses who are such nice people with whom one can have a very interesting theological discussion. If on the other hand I don’t want to talk to a cold caller, I’ve never had any difficulty in telling them quickly but, I hope, politely to go away.

So far as ‘junk mail’ is concerned, some of it can be quite interesting. Otherwise, it takes little time or effort to consign (to take an example at random) a Conservative Party leaflet to the recycling bin.


Lets not turn this into a politics thread please.