Door-to-door Callers in SE23


Our friends at MoneySavingExpert have created a “no cold calling” sign which you can print off with variants for charity and/or religious groups.

Lewisham council also has one.

I might order this one.


Many councils appear to support the creation of No Cold Calling Zones. I don’t think Lewisham Council does.


that Lewisham “No Thanks” one looks like it’s giving the middle finger salute - crude but effective


Today had a lad on the doorstep flogging cleaning supplies - apparently as part of a youth offender’s rehab programme.

Last time, I asked for details of the programme and was called a “time-waster”.


This is a well-known scam and the poor kids going door-to-door are often under coercion. Might be worth flagging to @SgtBiddle if these guys are working the area.


Some bad feeling on here for what to me sounds like basic logic. We are today inundated with ways to donate to charity, so door-to-door visits from people brandishing bank details forms are understandably less successful and less trustworthy than in years gone by. There’s no way to guarantee someone tipping up at your door is legitimate. And I’m roiling at the accusation that people who don’t want the interruption/awkwardness/potential aggression caused by turning away a D2D caller are “cold-hearted”. I choose my charities and donate when I can in ways I can control.


Just had an aggressive young man on the door step (9 PM Saturday!) , with the suitcase of brushes and cleaning materials. If an institution or gangmaster is putting them through this, I feel sorry and would investigate or write on their behalf. I have found it hard to find out exactly what’s going on, however, as when I have asked previously the question was avoided, and I was told I was wasting his time.


After this evening’s unpleasant experience on the doorstep, I would like a copy of the Lewisham sticker. Has anyone found out how to obtain one?


Sounds like it may be the same guy who was doing the rounds recently in East Dulwich - a few reports of similar aggressive attitude on the ED forum.


If the ‘Nottingham Knocker’ is agreessive I’d call the police. You should never be made to feel like that especially in your home. @SgtBiddle


Not to scare but this is my understanding of these sort of cold callers.


Just had one knocking on our door. Told we were not interested as not home and was on video doorbell. @SgtBiddle have a picture if you want it?