DRAFT Forest Hill Mural Design - The Vote

[DRAFT - visible to @FH_Mural members - feedback welcome before the poll is opened to all members in the main forum]

Forest Hill will soon be sporting a new crowdfunded mural in the railway underpass (details here).

After a call for design submissions, we received a design from @Lionel and also a version of this design tweaked by @Armadillo. There were no more costed submissions received before the deadline.

Check out the options and please vote for your favourite in the poll below.

Option 1: Traditional

Design by @Lionel

Colour variant:

Option 2: Traditional, with a touch of Walrus

A tweak of @Lionel’s design by @armadillo, featuring the famous Horniman walrus


Note: this option adds a further £250 to the cost (extra colours for Walrus and extra marking out time as the horizontal design uses the brickwork for quicker marking out).

Colour variant:


Option 3: Traditional, with a touch of Walrus

As per option 2, but with straight sign:


Colour variant:


Place Your Votes!

Polling ends on January 1st 2018

We’ll then have a second quick round of voting to choose the colour.

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The above is a draft - comments welcome, and then we’ll put the final version in the main forum

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Personally I love option 2. It takes what has become a standard for SE London and gives it a unique Forest Hill twist. I like this one over option 3 as the image of the Walrus carrying the sign away is much more fun.


Cool. Any thoughts on the post itself (wording, deadline, options)? I want to make sure it’s reasonable before putting it to the public. Think I might enlarge the images in the poll:

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Ah. I thought this was the public vote. I don’t see an issue on it. You may though want to note that no further submissions were received for designs.

Good point. I’ll add this

I voted for the conventional mural, mainly because the Walrus is too cartoon like, might be better if it was more reslistic? Realise this may increase cost but would make it more of a feature rather than looking like someone has added it as graffiti.

I love all the designs but have voted for the first as I felt it’s the more timeless one.

FYI, all - this is a draft, and while you’re welcome to place votes, when the final version is added to the forum, you’ll need to re-register your vote there

Might be worth noting that I’m not an artist nor very good with photoshop - so my adaption is only a very rough interpretation - i’m sure if it was chosen then @Lionel would do much better job on shading/integrating the Wulrus than I have :hugs:

Other than that, I think it’s good to go.

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If you follow the right hand arrow, surely you end up in Catford.

Good point. I’m sure @Lionel would consider reversing the right-most arrow in the final piece

I’ve never liked the ‘Walk this way’ text which also exists on several other S London efforts. Not sure what value it adds.
But love the walrus - it’s fun, and says we are not taking this signage thing too seriously. It will age well, for as long as the Horniman keeps its walrus, and I can’t see that changing. representing the walrus properly is interesting, because of course the actual walrus is quite cartoon like, in that it was stuffed way too full - so that gives the artist some leeway - it does not have to look like a real walrus but needs to look a bit like the Horniman one is what I am saying.

‘waddle this way’?

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I love the Walrus version - makes it nicely quirky given that there are a few more standard versions in other places.

Post looks good. Is it worth reminding people which side of bridge it’s on? Left or right side as you go up/down hill

Thanks - I have just added a map which can be clicked to expand. There’s also a link to further details.

I think Option 3 is perfect. We get the classic sign, which harmonises us with our SE London neighbours, but with the Walrus customisation that gives it our own uniquely Forest Hill touch. Not a fan of slanting the sign in Option 2 - I think it will look strange and I imagine will make the artists life more difficult (and therefore possibly more expensive?).

Yes, there is an extra cost for this option:

I’ll mention this in the post.

The only thing with having two walrus options is that it might split the vote for people who prefer something different. By which I mean in a scenario where 100 people vote for option 1, and 99 vote for each of 2 and 3, indicating overwhelming support for a walrus themed sign, should 1 still win?


If others agree on this point, I’d be inclined to ask @Lionel to choose one of the walrus options (I feel his opinion is important, as this project reflects on him as a artist and he’ll be doing the hard work).


  1. @Lionel chooses a single walrus design (either straight or slanted)
  2. Forum members choose between Option 1 and Lionel’s choice of walrus design
  3. Forum members choose the colour (blue / burgundy).

What do others think?

  • Leave three design options in place
  • @Lionel chooses straight or slanted walrus option for design poll
  • @FH_Mural group chooses straight or slanted walrus option for design poll
  • Offer straight/slanted as variants in round 2 of voting (when colour is decided)
  • Other (please comment)
  • Don’t mind

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Excellent point. Perhaps two choices then? For those chosing walrus, they can then chose format?