Drone enthusiasts in SE23



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2018: The Year in Review

A few SE23 aerials for a different perspective!



Great photos. What were you using?

Share your pictures of SE23


I was using a DJI Mavic Pro, 2.7k edited in Premier or just Instagram.


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So it’s you and Chris with the Mavics and me with my humble Spark.


The church shot is particularly excellent…


Any more drone-owners on the forum?

  • Pro-level e.g. DJI Inspire 2
  • Enthusiast-level e.g. DJI Mavic Pro / Phantom
  • Hobbyist-level e.g. Parrot Bebop
  • No, but planning to buy one
  • No, waiting for next generation
  • No, not interested

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Maybe a meetup in Southwark (or another borough that allows drone flights) for some filming and a coffee/pint?

  • I’m up for a drone outing
  • I prefer to drone alone
  • Other (please comment)

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Will bring my Spark and DJI goggles so you can have a go with the goggles.


Hi Mike firstly I love the images😊. I’m really surprised because I thought you needs a special licence to fly a drone in London!


Thanks @PhilipPetrou no that’s a myth thankfully, just need to follow the rules and be respectful.


Yes, luckily we have a host of apps to assist us with where we can and can’t fly. The drones Mike and Chris have a very costly and not the sort of thing you want to lose by flying illegally. When I fly I file a flight plan with the CAA so there can be no confusion as to where I am and what I am doing. The CAA also provides a very good Drone Code to help responsible drone users.


Heading up to One Tree Hill to capture the sunset with my drone at 8:30pm this eve if you fancy joining, @Mike_Hemmings / @h4rrydog ? (Sorry for short notice!)

No rain forecast for 9:


I have the family visiting but with this thunder?! You’re brave! Good luck.


Could get some cracking footage!


Could add a new dimension to the phrase “drone strike”.


Would be nice to get some aerial shots of St Augustines


Great cloud for a sunset. Share some pics when you can!


Be careful.


Here’s a little vid from tonight:

Unfortunately it wasn’t a hugely impressive sunset after all - just very hazy.

Some snaps: