Drone enthusiasts in SE23



@ChrisBeach Looks good, even with the haze! You’ve inspired me to dust mine off and try and get out this week.


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Nice video. What was your maximum altitude?




BTW Chris, I am down in FH in June with my drone. Want to meet up and you can have a go with the Goggles?


Definitely! I would love to give the goggles a try.


Will let you know dates shortly.


These drone ‘murmurations’ are astounding:


The thousand drone display for the Chinese lantern festival the other day was amazing.


The display for the opening for the winter Olympics was rather spectacular too.


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Has anyone noticed the drone that regularly flies along behind Devonshire Road. We’ve observed it, (or rather it has observed us) on at least four occasions as it hovers just above the railway track at the bottom of our garden.
Is this surveillance voyeurism something to be concerned about?
Who is watching and for what purpose?


Could be a Network Rail drone. They use them for track inspections.


Oh dear God. Those network rail drones are beasts (up to 7kg, the weight of an average bowling ball)! If it was a network rail drone as described, I’m not surprised that the resident noticed it.


Just got a new drone. Where is the best place to practice flying (I.e not above 100 feet, not near any people, max of 10 feet away) in Forest Hill, in preparation for taking the drone abroad? (Have already checked regulations for where we will be). My garden is slightly too small, although I can practice hovering!


Technically you can’t use it in Lewisham as there is a local by-law that bans drones. But Southwark is just down the road, and on One Tree Hill you can fly the drone away from populated areas.


Searching online, some forums suggest that Blackheath is ok?



I got a drone as an early Christmas present. I’m not too sure about the camera quality as I have to get pretty close for good pictures.