Drone enthusiasts in SE23



What happens for secondary market sales?

What happens if a drone gets stolen and illegally flown under the victim’s registration.

What happens when an owner moves house, or uses a drone purchased abroad?

Drone registration is a really flawed idea that has enough loopholes for it to be practically useless in preventing drone crime.


Fair enough. I suppose if there isn’t some workable solution, at one point a total ban will be discussed. That would be a shame.


Yep, but all governments like knee jerk reactions.


People killed by drones in UK, 0. Ban them!!!

People killed by knives, cars, illegal guns…


What we need is knife registration.

A mere 14 registration forms to complete for this badboy:

But if it makes us safer…


Write your MP.


I would if it would make a difference but the bandwagon is on the move.