Dry cleaner recommendation

Had a good look but i cannot seem to find recs
Looking for a dry cleaner - seen some recommended for tailoring work - for cleaning duvets, throws etc ideally Honor Oak but Forest Hill fine too

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Turbo Dry Cleaners, Brockley Rise (opposite the Jenner Health Centre).

The only downside is that Marco is only open 5pm-8pm M-F, and all day Saturday. (Presumably he does the actual work during the day.)

Top quality work and he sends you a text when your cleaning is ready to collect. I’ve no hesitation in recommending him.


I have been using Starlite cleaners in Crofton Park for years. Always a good service & will give you a honest answer to any dry cleaning queries. :blush:

Perry Cleaners on Perry Vale opposite Drs is really good. Use them for repairs, dry cleaning etc.

Seconded for Perry Cleaners - they are excellent, really friendly and do a great job.

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The dry cleaners on Honor Oak Park opposite Donde are exceptionally good, very friendly people and they offer a great repair service too. Highly recommended.


Second what Jerry said. The Dry Cleaner at 42 Honor Oak Park are lovely helpful and reliable people. They do repairs too I think. They had to refer me to a place in Dulwich for some more difficult specialist treatment, but for any regular things they are perfect.


I use Starshine Cleaners on Perry Hill. They put a sharp edge on my trousers when they press them!

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Thirded for 42 Honor Oak Park. Friendly and keen to help.

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Thanks everyone

Went to no 42 and they were friendly, reasonable & I’m happy with the job

Would use again!