Duchess of Cambridge visiting Forest Hill to launch new family support service



Royalty is coming to Forest Hill (199 Perry Vale)

We haven’t seen any timings yet but will update if we find out.


Shame it’s not on Wednesday when I work from home. I’d pop along to wave. She could cone round for tea. I have some nice biscuits.


And leftover Christmas cheese.


Can she get us a pedestrian crossing outside the station while she’s here…?! :roll_eyes:


Actually we could do with a pedestrian crossing at the end of Siddons Road just there too!


Is she the surprise secret headliner at The Honor Oak comedy night too? I’ve been wondering who it might be…


Actual lol :clap:


Any more news on the duchess’ schedule?


Just what I was going to ask! I can’t get there, but a friend was just asking me!



Not as good but another angle.


That video doesn’t work in the summary box, perhaps try a different tweet from a tweeter that recorded from a good angle? There are many to choose from.


I saw her in Chelsea once before she was married. I tried to make eye contact but she wasn’t at all interested. I’m still gutted about this and Wills has nothing on me.


So I didnt get a video but an okay photo, wished she’d worked the crowd more, she was straight out the car and in



Actually you got a great shots of the papps too. You’ll be seeing yourself in all the photos tomorrow.


Oh yes :rofl: