Duplicate recommendations topic deleted

So my message is deleted because there was a similar topic last year!! I want recent recommendations. How Chris Beach do I post that

Hi @Lesley_Wilkins,

I do understand your frustration at having a topic deleted.

We try to keep the forum well organised so that people can find what they’re looking for without having to navigate duplicate topics with similar content.

I believe you’re referring to the following topic:

This topic is scheduled for deletion in four days time, but until then it will remain visible, helping point members towards the original topic. Those members may share new painter recommendations.

It’s possible some of the recommendations on our existing topic are out of date. I’d appreciate if you and others would try them and find out. If any of the tradesmen have shut down or moved out of the area, please let us know on the topic and we can remove the outdated recommendation(s).

I have created a new “2019 Painter / Decorator Recommendations” topic which summarises the old topic and is bumped to encourage people to add more recommendations.

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