Earth Tremor?

Anyone else feel a tremor at around 8.51 PM?

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Not this time!! I did a few years ago that was quite frightening and was on the news the next day.

I think I felt a couple a bit later than this. A couple of unexplained rumbles. Strange. nothing here.

I get them every day when the big Sainsbury’s trucks go past. The whole house rumbles. Was it maybe a big lorry, although 9pm on a Sunday, unlikely.


I’m re-reading Robert Harris’s Pompeii and at around about that time I reached the point where Vesuvius blows its top. So I’m rather glad I didn’t feel an Earthquake here on Kirkdale or I’d have been standing in the doorframe in a panic.


We get it from the buses. Few times a day.

I experienced an earthquake in Turkey when I was 16 and on holiday with my family. I’d been drinking all afternoon with my brothers and cousins and woke up with a hangover in the late afternoon to loudly clattering poolside furniture and several trees sliding down nearby foothills. It was as though I was in a nightmare and I’m not ashamed to admit that afterwards I spent about five minutes shivering while I clung to my father’s arm like a toddler who has just seen their first dog while he calmed me down and snapped me out of it.


I experienced a few when I lived in Japan. I don’t wish to have that experience again!

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Same! I lived in Tokyo in the 80’s and my first was a grade 4.7 within days of arriving there
it was terrifying as the whole house was swaying!
however a few months down the line I’d become used to the small semi regular grade 2 or so tremors we used to get.
I’ve experienced a few in LA too but again around grade 2-3.
Only one I’ve experienced in UK was about 12 years ago when I lived in Notting Hill, I was chatting on the phone to my boyfriend (no smutty comments here please!) and I felt the bed and building shake at first I thought it may be a very heavy lorry passing by but then I thought 'nah-thats an earthquake" I said as much on the phone and lo and behold about 10 miniutes later lots of people were calling LBC about it and it was in the press the next day.

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Yes, came here to see if anyone else had… Have lived in countries with earthquake activity before and it felt like a few very minor tremors, but I’ve noticed it a couple of times in the last week in the early hours of the morning, including the day you mention. I only noticed because it was so quiet on our street otherwise. So so weird.

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The earthquake/tremor vibration has a different … ‘signature’ (?) - not the same as a heavy truck passing. Different again from the air displacement of explosions - (perhaps a few of you have felt the immediate effects of IRA bombs in London)

Like you say, an earth tremor is a slightly different experience to a heavy lorry going past - but unless you’ve been through one before, it’s likely - as I did when I experienced one when I was living in Rome - you might pass it off as traffic rumble.

My apartment block “quivered” rather than rumbled, but I thought nothing of it until later in the day when I was out shopping, and all the locals were chatting about “il terremoto”…

6.4 magnitude not far offshore from a beach in Crete in 2013. Lasted quite a few seconds, thought someone was shaking my lounger around behind me, so I stood up and it was like a trampoline. No beverages were spilt but heard a few windows and crockery smashing in nearby homes.

We had a 7.7 in 1978. That when I learnt that it is impossible to walk during and earthquake and to take care when opening any cupboards after the event😁