East Indian Street food pop up at All Inn One pub



Hello lovely people,

I am really excited to announce the residency of Rati’s Kitchen at @AllInnOne for March. I am a Sydenham local and started my small Indo-Bengali food stall at the monthly Sydenham market. My first pop up residency was at Beer Rebellion, Sydenham which was an amazing experience. Thanks to the support of the awesome Sydenham and Forest Hill crowd, I am now doing my pop-up kitchen at All Inn One and have put together a menu that brings to life a foodie road trip from my hometown Cooch-behar to Kolkata, India.

We’ll be resident on the following days:
16th-17th March (dinner)
18th March Saturday (Lunch/ Dinner)

24th March (dinner)
25th March Saturday (Lunch/ Dinner)

31st March (dinner)
1st April Saturday (Lunch/ Dinner)

Menu to be attached by tomorrow:-)

I am told that the pub gets quite packed at dinner times, so if you would like to get your taste buds buzzing, I would suggest booking a table by contacting info@allinnone.org.uk or 020 8699 3311

Thanks for all the support and tweets. Looking forward to some crazy food nights!

Rati’s kitchen (Rati)


Welcome to the forum @Rati, and @AllInnOne is a great choice of venue for your pop-up.

Wish you the best, and look forward to sampling your menu. :thumbsup:


I have been looking for some details on this @Rati - really been looking forward to it after seeing the poster up in the @AllInnOne.

Any menus as yet or is it turn up and see what you’ve got? - D’oh Ignore me. Just read your post properly…


Thanks @ChrisBeach looking forward to serve some yummy food. See ya @AllInnOne


@Foresthillnick yes we have a menu. I shall post it tomorrow. And hope to see you soon :slight_smile:


Brilliant news and welcome. Really looking forward to this.


Thanks you very much @Londondrz. See ya at the pub.


Here is our Menu. Hope to see everyone @AllInnOne


I was there last night with OH and a couple of friends.
The All Inn one was it’s usual wonderful welcoming self and the food was excellent.
I had the samosa which were some of the nicest things I have eaten for some time. Lots of textures and some exciting zingy tastes that I couldn’t quite work out.
The slow cooked chicken was also great - meat falling off the bone, lovely sauce and accompaniments - I could have done with more spice but heat isn’t everything.
Get yersleves down there!


Went last night too - had the honey chilli fish and Lal Murgi - both were lovely. Not super hot, but definitely flavourful.


What time were you there - there weren’t many in last night and we were there from 7:40? I was tempted by the fish so I may go back next week…


early, 6 till 7. If I go back I’ll get the Lal Murgi - I only got to try it from my partners plate and now I want some more.


Thanks for your lovely feedback @Foresthillnick. Glad you loved the food. Yes samosa chaat is one of the kolkatta fav streetfood and i tried mybest to keep it tge authentic way. Nxt time you come in I shall make sure you get a really hot lal murgi​:joy::joy::joy:


Thanks @Beige glad you loved the fish. Next visit try the lal Murgi its really yummy and has got loads of beetroot to get that colour😄


I went to Yama Moto with a friend today for the eat all you can buffet, we killed it. Absolutely stuffed. However, having read the last few comments I am now suddenly hungry :grin:


We are back @AllInnOne this friday and saturday with a new addition in the menu. Lamb meatballs in a rich spinach gravy. Come downthis weekend if you have missed last week:)