East London Line trains could increase to 24 trains per hour



I remember being crammed on a late night train with people lying on the luggage racks. Also hopping off before the train had stopped.


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Made me reminisce about the days of Connex when I would get the fast train from FH to LB, without stopping at HOP or Brockley. [/quote]

There were fast trains like that during the peak even during the BR/Network SouthEast era, although they went to such delightful places as Guildford and Dorking.

You may also remember the off-peak fasts to Caterham which didn’t stop at Brockley, HOP, Penge West and Anerley. Eventually demand meant Brockley and HOP were added, but still were fast between Sydenham and Norwood Junction.


AND you could continue on to Waterloo East and Charing Cross without changing!


No thought here of those of us who use East Croydon as a hub to all points south. Southern have declared an intention to cut all services from FH & Syd - terminating any remaining at West Croydon. That forces an extra connection at Norwood Junction which makes Gatwick Airport, Brighton et al inacessible for the infirm as there is no step free access at NJ and the narrow steep steps make it very dangerous if you are carry luggage or are not very fit.

Yep the LO is a mixed blessing though no doubt it will become even more popular when we get the Crossrail interchange at Whitechapel (hopefully also reducing the squeeze on the Jubillee down escalator at Canada Water).

Six car trains would be good to spread the load out even if only 4 can be used at some stations. Does anybody know the new platform length at Whitechapel which I predict will become the major LO interchange.


I know that the platforms at Whitechapel have recently been extended to take 5 car trains. Don’t know if there is allowance for a sixth.


Whitechapel will allow 5 car trains:


I’m confused. Will this help or hinder my morning and evening journeys between FOH and LBG. If help I’m all for it. If hinder then damn them all.


Two morning peak trains per hour will be removed from Southern London Bridge services to slot in the extra Crystal Palace services.

There are no issues with the evening peak as Southern only operate 4 trains per hour anyway.


Okay. Now I’m pissed. Do we know which ones?


Not yet, Southern have a second stage of their Winter 2018 timetable consultation to decide which services will be axed. If this happens, the Forest Hill Society should campaign to ensure the remaining four trains per hour are all 10 car services as they are in the evening peak.



Stolen and shared. Genius!