Elachi SE23


Hello everyone,

For all those wondering when the new “Elachi” will open. I Would like to inform you we, along with the previous owner have taken over the old Dewanian building and re naming it Elachi SE23. It will still serve curries but under new management so will be slightly different but we still have the favourites on the menu… We will no longer be serving alcohol but will allow you to bring your own with a small corkage charge… Hope that’s a new concept you all will be excited about!
If you would like to keep up to date with the works and opening please follow us on Instagram under elachi__SE23 we will be announcing when the grande opening will take place… At the moment we are still undergoing works but hope to open within the next 2 months.

We look forward to seeing you all there when we do open…


What will replace Elachi (indian restaurant)?

The Instagram link


Drain problems at the site of elachi what sort of problems


Hi Maggie,
Not sure as that building was on lease, it did not belong to the owner of the old Elachi.

Thank you