Election Hustings for Mayor of Lewisham



The Forest Hill Society and The Sydenham Society invite you to ask your questions to candidates for Mayor of Lewisham on Monday 23rd April at 7:30pm. At the Sydenham Centre, 44 Sydenham Road.

Hustings for Local Elections

Do people, who want to attend, need to forward any notes of attendance, or register, or they can just walk in? I want to come but not sure if I can make it.


Just turn up. And questions will be taken randomly from the floor, no pre-selected questions.


Thank you.

Do questions have to be in a specific format?


Questions should be directed to all candidates rather than to a specific candidate, and questions should be concise and to-the-point (not speeches). Beyond that there is no restriction on questions of which I’m aware.

My personal recommendation is to keep questions as short as possible so that you get an answer to the question you ask rather than general remarks on the topic. Although sometimes candidates will be right not to answer question that are too specific - for example a specific undecided planning application. In this case it may be better to ask questions more generally about their view on planning issues - perhaps with reference to a specific development - by way of an example.


Thank you very much Michael! Understood.

I have one more question… Can those hustings be recorded, stenographed and published, on this forum for example or anywhere else, so more people will know what candidates think, what are their views on various matters. I can stenograph, done it in the past from recordings, in English as well, happy to do that if needed.


As an experiment, I live-transcribed the last hustings onto SE23.life.

I’m a faster typer but struggled to give a full account of everything that was said. I think if there were two live typists (taking turns to transcribe each candidate’s response) it might just work.

Transcribing a recording, as you suggested, might be a better option.

Or perhaps a live broadcast using Periscope. The limitation with smartphone video broadcast is the sound - it won’t be clear enough to pick up both audience questions and candidate responses.


Or maybe to videorecord the hustings, put on YouTube and post here - the easiest way? At least we will have some info for wide audience to be aware in order to make an informative choice at the elections.


I thought your accounting at the national election hustings was both fair and accurate to all candidates. A good summary of each actor’s main points.


The event is expected to be recorded by Sydenham Radio and available on the internet afterwards. But it is much easier to hear in person.


Thank you Michael!