Elsewhere in Lewisham - Millwall Compulsory Purchase Order


Anyone else following what is going on with LB Lewisham using its compulsory purchase powers to get development going on land belonging to Millwall Football Club?


The Mayor and cabinet support one developer, but are opposed by the club, local MPs and their own scrutiny committee. I don’t have any feel for what is going on, but it seem a bit odd.

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More in the Guardian

Millwall score an early goal as they seek the ultimate home win


This has big coverage in The Guardian currently. Strong hints of conflicts of interest, looks potentially like a major scandal.

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It reeks.


The Compulsory Purchase Order meeting appears to have been postponed

Reported in The Guardian

Here is a snippet

“As it stands Lewisham’s plans to seize land around The Den would leave the club’s community trust homeless and imperilled, with the land due to be sold to opaque offshore-owned developers Renewal, a company founded by the last Labour mayor of Lewisham, Dave Sullivan.”

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This was announced before Christmas, it really really stinks.


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I am glad this has been moved out of politicos. I read about this yesterday and think it’s shocking. I’m no Millwall fan but this seems underhand!


I’m not a Millwall fan either, although I do have the tee shirt :slight_smile:

(Just because I can see it getting abused, I’m not uploading the photo …)


Petition signed!


Signed the petition!

As others have mentioned previously, it seems like a bit of fowl play to me too!


Fair to say there are some conflicts of interest and well, without wishing to get the forum in trouble, you can read and make your minds up (I’m no Millwall fan either but…)

Link to Guardian Article

Snippets from the above linked Guardian Article:

> Renewal’s chief executive is a former Lewisham officer and colleague of the current Lewisham chief executive, Barry Quirk, an unelected official best known locally for being paid more pro rata than the prime minister for working a three day week.

> In another bizarre twist Renewal was also set up and originality part-owned by the previous Labour mayor of Lewisham, Dave Sullivan

> the mayor, Sir Steve Bullock, having stepped back due the fact he is, astonishingly, director of a Renewal-associated company



Tim Farron, national Lib Dem leader is getting involved

"Football clubs are a crucial part of British society, says Tim Farron"

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Signed - and I’m a Palace fan!!!

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Very fishy business this :fish::fish::fish:


Sadiq has just lent his support to Millwall:

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Lewisham just cancelled tonight’s meeting according to The News Shopper.


Very interesting!