Elsewhere in Lewisham - Millwall Compulsory Purchase Order


This just in from the Guardian


Can’t find the link but the council will not be issuing a CPO at all now. Fantastic news.


Although I’m not sure about the quote at the end which states Millwall have been excluded from the development process until now…


I’m not sure the CPO has been abandoned but Barry Quirk (Chief Executive of Lewisham Council) has issued a statement:



No, I was wrong, it has been abandoned:

The Council is not now proceeding with any Compulsory Purchase Order on New Bermondsey. Any decision that the Council may take in the future will be a wholly new decision.


Great news


fDon’t know if my post was posted earlier! any news in the meeting last night with Lewisham Council, have a very concerned husband! thanks


The council provided a helpful FAQ

And also said this:

So it’s crystal clear that this attempt at a CPO has been abandoned. But ambiguous as to whether they might try again…


I wonder what the costs were for this in the end?


Thanks for that Chris!


So… Lewisham Councillor Paul Maslin (New Cross) has been complaining to The Guardian at how they reported the CPO.

And Paul just got a response back from the journalist who headed the investigation:



You are kidding me :joy:


This just keeps getting murkier:


How anyone can say councillors were voting in the interests of Lewisham is beyond. Dodgy to the core this mess.


Just gets murkier. An intriguing connection here also to Peter John, leader of Southwark Council, who has also resigned from Surrey Canal Sports Foundation along with the Lewisham Mayor. Peter John has had a driving hand in the development of the Camberwell Cemeteries, pushed through against huge local opposition:

The latest development was rubber stamped because the Funeral Directors thought it a good idea.


Blimey - good spot, Brett.

I found it astonishing that they could get away with spending our money on a public consultation, only to completely disregard its outcome (which was a very unanimous outcome).


Indeed. It strikes me that the connection between these issues is local councils marking their own homework. I think both should be decided at City Hall level but sadly that does not seem to be an option. In a way, it isn’t an issue of there being actual corrupt practice, but the appearance that there could be.


Just think how many 20mph signs Lewisham Council could have bought with £500,000 of our earnings…


That wouldn’t be sarcastic point scoring now would it Chris? :wink:

Sorry. Off topic. I’ve metaphorically slapped my wrists.


Oh come on guys.