Elsewhere in Lewisham - Millwall Compulsory Purchase Order


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I don’t really understand why the Mayor and Chief Exec haven’t resigned. Lack of political opposition in the Borough?

Scrutinising the Mayor and Cabinet

Steve Bullock sent us all a letter with our Council Tax Bills this week. Why has he not explained what has happened with this development - the waste of time and money and why he is not resigning?

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Plenty within the party itself I would’ve thought


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Should be interesting.


Interesting statement from Millwall FC


Curiouser and curiouser.


Very interesting …!

Regarding the last sentence - this is certainly a matter of public interest.


Would love to know how much they paid for it. Lewisham seem a bit short on cash for local spending recently. Maybe Maja could offer up an insite?




The report is out and everything is fine




Two page article in the south London press…Lewisham council have been exonerated, but it looks like ‘renewal’ are going to try & bid again to build on the surrounding area, so the fight begins again :grimacing:


More coverage here


There can be competition wars, the latter are no problem, it is natural, it is the reality and understandable. But when the local government pushes the project that involves offshore companies, this is a VERY big problem, you dont need to be very clever to understand the game. Offshore companies are used to laundry money across the globe, dealing with them leaves no chances to trace where the money is going, how they spent and who is the receiptient. Lewisham Council wanted to spend 2 billion pounds for the project to be carried out by an offshore company?! Bloody hell!! They obviousely have no shame! Those people who raised concerns have just saved/protected 2 billion pounds.

I really hope that the next mayor in Lewisham will be from the concervatives. Lewisham needs drastic changes and the Labour is not going to produce them.


criticise their decisions or activities by all means but I do not think it ok to simply abuse our elected representatives. I don’t particularly like what has happened here but there are no prosecutions planned, the Charity Commission has looked at it, and a senior judge with a very good reputation has also pronounced on the Council activities. Like it or not, nothing illegal has been uncovered here?