Email provider recommendation

Please can anyone recommend a good email account/address provider that is not tied to a particular service? I want one I can use on multiple devices and so that I can can keep the same (new) email address no matter who I transfer my broadband account to. Currently I’m with Virgin Media (ntlworld) and use Mozilla Thunderbird. I don’t mind paying a reasonable amount to avoid Gmail.


is this for privacy reasons?

Yes but also a general misgiving about Google.

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There are a lot of similar services to gmail. I’m sure someone can recommend one (sorry, not me!).

The obvious alternative to gmail is which some may remember as hotmail from back in the day and is Microsoft’s email offering. Free too!

There are plenty of others companies offering email provision but gmail is probably one of the best free ones.

Here is a run down on the top current offerings although there are others.

What I do is to pay for my own domain and email. It isn’t for everyone as it does require some initial setup but essentially you can register your own domain - my last name is a bit rare so I bagged it! You can use godaddy, or to setup the domain and then setup email on top of that BUT you will pay for the privilege unless you are willing to run your own mail server!
You can setup tour own domain and email using Office365 which will cost you but you get Office Apps and online storage as well

It really depends on what you want - if privacy and encrypted mail are your thing then look at ProtonMail. Free and ease of use across devices then


Thank you so much Nick for your very comprehensive reply. That’s all really useful info. I shall look into all these options.