Emergency dog sitter recommendations

There’s a chance we will have to make a short trip away from home due to a family emergency. Not immediately, but in the next few weeks or months. While I have a lovely dog walker, he can’t board a sparky young spaniel. Can anyone recommend a local doggy day care who does boarding*? Somewhere the dog could try out for a day or afternoon before staying overnight. Thanks!

(*Not kennels as they aren’t as flexible and tend to be out of town. More like someone who takes dogs into their own homes.)

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Don’t know anyone off hand, but if you run out of options, the kennels I use collect and drop off. Not idea for try outs I know, but happy to try and help with that if the need arises.

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Thanks. My kennels do that too, but given this issue is going to arise in the summer, I’m worried the good kennels will all be full. Will bear it in mind, though.

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Aaaah I see, I always forget about summer hols etc.
Which kennels do you use out of interest?

Paulways in Ashford. They run a pet shop in Thornton Heath and have facilities there for drop-off.


Thank you, always worth knowing these things :slight_smile:

Hello. If you get stuck give me a shout as my parents have done a lot of dogsitting (if you wanted someone to look after him at home). They’re very kind and they love spaniels - we used to have a pair of crazy springers!


Thanks, Verds, I’ll definitely bear that in mind. It would definitely help to have someone who understands the spaniel mentality!

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Rachael if you haven’t found anyone yet @Clair parents dog sit from their home in Kent, they ran kennels for many years so have lots of experience :slight_smile:

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