Empty Beer Cans Wanted... Seriously!

Hi everyone… I’m new to the area (Honor Oak), just moved from Coventry. Loving it so far, apart from the Great Water Crisis ™ of earlier this week!

Strange request, I know, but I’m in constant need of empty/used beer cans for my ongoing art/craft business. I won’t mention the name in case that contravenes forum rules, but if you search ‘beer can lantern’ on line then you’ll see what I do.

I’m on the lookout for empty 500ml beer cans, they need to be in great condition with no dents etc, so I can transform them into pieces of art. Specifically I’d like Kronenbourg, Budweiser & Grolsch cans, and also Guinness Draught & Strongbow.

Here’s a pic of South London’s finest so you can see what I mean.

Hopefully this all makes sense and there will be a few drinkers out there who’d like to see their empty cans go to good use… Cheers!

David. :slight_smile:


Very unique art there - what a talent!

Welcome to Honor Oak (and to SE23.life), David :+1:

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Cheers Chris! My post wasn’t really an attempt to advertise my business, but just to explain why I need used cans (which seems like an odd request without telling people why!)

Thanks for the info, though, I’ll look into it. All the best,



I’m sure I can help with this :crazy_face:


Unfortunately I only drink bottle beer… otherwise I will have quite a few :slight_smile:

Cheers Clausy! Let me know if you do save some cans and if so, where I could collect from. :beer:

I’ve got quite a few canned beers (in interesting designs) but they are pretty much all 330s rather than 500s. If you ever downsize your designs, let me know.

Hi, thanks for the offer! I occasionally use 330s for bespoke stuff, if you have a bunch saved that would only be thrown away then I’d be interested. If you can message me your postcode I’ll see how easy collection would be. Cheers!