Energie Gym London Road - Closed?

Reports that Energy Gym on London Rosd has closed today and equipment removed entirely this morning (Saturday).

Has anyone else spotted this - is it permanent - or is it being re-equipped or refurbished. ?

I thought the same when I passed earlier. Completely cleared out.

Heard it is for a refit, back bigger and better soon.

Interesting update - some existing members have not received any notice of this action.

Did anyone hear directly or indirectly from staff about this for example - or by tweet, email or message?

The other question being raised in discussion - is this the first casualty of the new business rate increase ?

They say on their Facebook page that they are re-furbing. I’m a member and received no proactive communication to tell me though. Not a huge surprise.

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Its shut till the 2nd of July. Six weeks or so, for what sounds a big revamp. Which it is need of. Members can use their other sites in Catford or Croydon.



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I’ve been a member for yonks and heard f all about a refurb. Just walked in there now unawares and had to slink out with my tail between my legs when I realised the whole thing had been gutted. Quite shocking that there has been no communication through email or even any information on the website.

I assume they will still be taking money from me during this period as well.

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Surely not - a reputable company - taking fees for periods for which it is not providing service in the expected locale - and with good communications channels with its client base…

I’ve tried hard but I can’t keep this up.

I’m also a member and have heard nothing. I’ve emailed and tried contact them on Instagram as they have been very active on there about the work today but had no response.

I pay monthly by direct debit and very much want to cancel the payment due to go out at the start of June but am wondering if they would then try and sting me with some early cancellation of contract fee or something. I do feel though that if they did I could fight this on the grounds of them being closed for 6 weeks and not telling anyone!

Been a member for just over a year and I’ve heard almost too much about the refurb. Not only did they send Emails out to everyone and call up each individual but they also have been handing out leaflets for the past two weeks with all he relevant information regarding the new refurbishments that are underway.

Perhaps I have just managed to miss every single piece of correspondence. Never received a call or email (and they have definitely sent me emails in the past so I know they have that at least). Seen them handing out leaflets from afar as well, but assumed that was just marketing. Still a massive failure of communication on their part in my opinion.

Did they provide any information about membership freezes/refunds for the period?

Likewise - didn’t hear a peep. They text me all the time with other bits of info…

Yeah memeberships are frozen until the reopening. Can still use Catford or Croydon for free in the meantime.

Two very energetic bods at the building front tonight inviting people to join the re-furbished gym.

Not sure the information is as clear as it should be - yet.

I saw them handing out flyers & chatting to people when I passed just after 6pm.

They sent out an email saying there was an issue with the system which caused people not to get their communications. Direct debits are suspended while it is closed.

If anyone hasnt yet made a contingency plan, I’d highly recommend the Energie gym in Catford.

As mentioned earlier, it is free for us FH members to use. The gym is big, spacious, clean, has great equipment and the staff are professional and friendly. Really highlights the state the FH gym was in.

Only problem is it’s in Catford :wink:

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Not surprisingly - there are a few of us who happily are domiciled here.

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Pleased to see they have installed new front doors. Now i don’t think of it as a converted McDonalds anymore!