Energie gym



Anyone a member of Energie? Have been thinking about joining a gym again since I moved here in November and just wondering what the feedback is…


My wife has been a member for a few years - pretty good overall, although she has complained about the aircon and lack of decent TV channels! I went once as a gues and thought it was good.


New management took over at the start of the year and seem to want to do a really good job and get involved with the community. Not used the gym myself, but all the feedback I’ve heard has been positive.


Thanks for the responses, guys! I’m not fussed on the TV channels as I take my own films in to watch on my phone so I work out for as long as they’re on. As for the aircon…well I’m there to sweat anyway, so I guess that’s OK. As long as there isn’t ridiculously loud “boom-boom” music on and a load of scarily muscled men giving me evils if I’m working on a machine they want to use, I’m happy :smiley:


I have just moved hear too,I have loved reading this discussion and thank you to everyone that responded as this has also helped me too. After viewing the pools I can confirm the gym space is a small cardio area and minor on weights however the pool looks good, though viewing the energies gym I was surprised to see they have a downstairs too! And it’s a weights area the staff seemed friendly and I am going for a trial day tomorrow as it did seem far more xciting as a gym.


One of my friends went to that gym for one year and he was happy with the service.


I’m joining it after the trial I had hopefully it works out well for me


The guys there are really nice. & all feedback has been good from users - I’m not a gym kind of person but all feedback I’ve heard from here is positive.


Can’t comment on the classes. But I like it because it’s not as packed as some other gyms when I like to go which is mornings and weekends. After work I’ve been a few times and it’s not that bad either.

The showers have really good water pressure from memory the couple of times I used it.

I think the one in Sydenham is cheaper but someone said it’s way busier in peak times. Might be worth checking out. When it was an LA Fitness the facilities were really dire. But I have not checked it out since the new operator took over.


I joined today the staff seemed very friendly, I keep you guys posted how it goes and if you got any questions I’m always happy to give feedback from my experience from now on :slightly_smiling_face: Just ask away :+1:t2:


I’m surprised to hear such good reviews as I’ve always been put off by the fact everyone can see in as you’re exercising. Also that revolting half naked sexy Santa picture they had outside for months which really confused the children…


Ironically it used to be a McDonalds, just saying…


Wait. We had a Mickey D’s?


Yep, still has the maccas doors if you look closely.


They have a downstairs too and an exercise studio at the back I was surprised to find this out too


I used to enjoy a sausage muffin & hash brown on the odd occasion after dropping mine at Fairlawn Nursery. Not that I told my kids though :joy::joy:


It’s a good mid range gym. It’s not the cheapest and not the most expensive. They do rolling monthly memberships for £36 per month which includes classes etc
My partner and I have used the gym since 2010 and on the whole been happy.


I’m enjoying the yoga classes there


Does anyone know how busy the showers are around 7.30am? Do you have to queue or is it pretty empty? Thanks


Empty ish I believe. It’s never too busy in there, although I use it more in the evenings.