Engaging with the local police. Please do


I know some users are actively involved locally with the police, and make a point of interacting with them on many occasions to help with local issues.

But I am left wondering how many people engage, even passively, with the local bobbies etc. Seeing that the https://twitter.com/MPSForestHill only has 979 followers, but knowing lots of people on here use Twitter, I thought I would highlight the account to all users here, suggest Twitter users follow the account as it is very helpful and informative, as well as a great way to interact with them.

And also to point out that the account is now overseen by the one and only Sgt Biddle. Who many will probably know from the @MpsLewisham account. Fun, informative and passionate about his patch. Welcome to #SE23 Sgt Biddle, and I hope this post pushes the account followers to over 1,000.

Thanks for the positive impact from day one. Welcome for tea any time.


Really nice man and great at interacting with the public along with Mick and Amie.


Never used twitter am I really missing Out?


Personally I find Twitter a great tool for information and communication. It’s not all about stalking celebs and watching their every move.
It’s the #1 place to see snippets of what the local police are doing and working on zero as well as some of their successes and appeals.

Missing out, all about interpretation.


I think twitter is a great bit of social media to get quick updates on a whole range of stuff that might be of interest.

It’s all about the # so for FH I would use #ForestHill #SE23 & so on. If say for instance if football was your passion & you tweeted about FB then you could #Football Food #Food or #Foodie etc.

If you join let us know so we can follow you :slight_smile:


Not forgetting Andrea John, she’s lovely as all are the others :slight_smile:


Twitter is an incredibly powerful and useful tool if you want to know what’s going on, and what people are thinking.

Where else could you find four local pheasant sightings in thirty seconds? :slight_smile:


Think you should join @Wynell & drop us your twitter @ so we can all follow you :slight_smile:


How do you get in touch with them? The tweets don’t offer contact details for non-twitter users, and they merely say we should ring 101 or 999 to report crime.


Had Twitter been called something like “Ticker” I’d have got onto it more quickly than I did. I really didn’t see what Stephen Fry’s lunch condensed into 140 characters had to do with anything.

But then I started following business news tweets from the FT, Economist, specialist business magazines, BBC and so on. In other words, using it like a stock market ticker tape of old - a real-time news headlines feed. My Twitter tastes are more eclectic now and include a lot of astronomy-related accounts as well as a handful of friends whom I can count on to be funny on Twitter rather than constantly sharing baby photos.

When something happens - like a terrorist incident, the failed military coup in Turkey, closure of the M6 due to an accident, United Airlines giving a demonstration of what excellent customer service looks like, a royal visit to SE23 - it’s members of the public with phones who can inform you what seems to be going on. (I emphasise, what seems to be going on, as the facts may be buried deep behind the immediate imagery.)


If you are not a Twitter user, then you would use the good old phone or email.


Come on people, @MPSForestHill is just 3 followers away from 1,000 now. It’s a great account for us locals, give it a follow :wink:


I shared it via a few twitter accounts I manage :slight_smile:


Should stop at 2 more followers, no? :wink:


Please can we have the contact details for the local team?


Our local safer neighbourhood team introduced themselves here: Forest Hill Safer Neighbourhood Team

More general Police contact information: https://www.met.police.uk/contact-us/