Evening Bird Walk at Sydenham Hill Wood [cancelled]




I was sitting last night listening to the birds in the back garden and wondering what they were. And then I remembered seeing this so will pop up tonight. Anyone else thinking about it? I might even sneak into the Woodhouse if I arrive early :blush:


Unfortunately the walk has been cancelled:


Thanks Chris. I’ve just passed that along to the 30 people waiting at the gate. Guess the message didn’t make it out very far. I think I convinced most people. :flushed:


We went anyway - was fun just to run around. But really hard to spot any birds! Heard a woodpecker though.


On the days I don’t cycle to Victoria, I quite often go via Sydenham Hill and walk through the woods as a bit of exercise - and more reliable these days than going to Denmark Hill. I’ve heard the woodpecker quite a few times and get distracted trying to spot it - which, I will confess, has made me miss my train once or twice!

I walked through the woods home and heard some lovely birdsong. It’s just I’m still none the wiser as to what they actually were!:joy: