Event on Housing and Renters Rights in Se23 and Lewisham


There will be a evening of discussion and debate on housing, renting and homelessness with Baroness Olly Grender this Thursday 30th March. It’s organised by the Lewisham Lib Dems but all are welcome to join us if this is an issue you have an interest in and would like to share your views on local housing in SE23 and Lewisham.

We’ll be at the Friends Meeting House at 7pm. Address is: 34 Sunderland Rd, London SE23 2QA

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Which is it 6:30pm or 7pm?
I think the public have a right to know :slight_smile:

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Is registration required?

I think the pubic has a right to know what Lib Dem policies are on housing in the first place. If you want a discussion about them, in this Forum you generally have to go to the Politics section, which is maybe where this belongs.

Local event on a local issue so I would suggest it stays, or the announcement does if this gets overly political

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Announcements - here.
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We’ll be meeting at 6:30 with a view to getting underway before 7pm.

We really just wanted to open the event up to local people if they would
like to attend, all views are welcome!

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