Everyman Cinema in Crystal Palace opens



… and it looks lush.

But with a cinema now in East Dulwich, Crystal Palace and one to open in Catford are dreams of a cinema in Forest Hill gone?


We are going to the new Everyman tomorrow - will report back! Plan is to get the Overground from FH to CP, and on the way back call into either Cucina or Sfizio for a late dinner.


It really is in a great location for a lot of SE23 (I think). For us it is the 122 all the way. And with the 185 all the way to East Dulwich we’ve some great choice.

Can’t wait to hear your feedback. It looks wonderful.


I hope so - I’d rather have the best of everything in reach rather than a mediocre everything on my door step.


I like the options. We’re a long walk or a short bus ride from both the Everyman and Peckhamplex. Latter shows everything for a fiver all the time, former will be a rare but luxey night out. Peckhamplex will be the place we go for our three-weekly cinema trip, but we’ll supplement with Everyman when in funds for a treat. Cheapest seats I’ve seen there so far look like they are at least £12 a pop which along with snacks and drinks is expensive.


Looks absolutely stunning





If I remember correctly the Pictuehouse cinemas do cheaper tickets on a Monday, unless that’s changed since the last time I went.


You’re right - they do. And some of their daytime screenings are cheaper - especially if you’re old enough to join Silver Screen Club.

I like the drinks available to take in but their snack prices are daylight robbery even with member discount.

Will be curious about the seat rake at the Everyman. As I’m not very tall, I struggle even at ED with heads in my line of sight. Screen 3 is my favourite there simply because it’s slightly steeper


It is!


We went after Chrimbo. Particularly enjoyed our juicy burger delivered to the seat.


Its a brilliant cinema, We will be going back for the 3rd time in a month!
We often found dulwich picture house didn’t show films we wanted to see.
the wine is more more expensive at dulwich ph but not as nice.
and the loos and general public areas of the everyman are lovely.
staff too I’ve found to be friendly and into film and nice to chat to.
well worth the journey


I’m thrilled we now have two local cinemas providing choice and both with excellent services. With a Curzon to open soon in Catford we will be rather spoiled.

Compare thus to my Odeon experience at Canada Water. The cinema had not been cleaned from the night before and the £14 premium seat wasn’t as good as a regular one at ED PH.


Went here tonight for the first time and for £14 odd - the same price as an Odeon ticket - we enjoyed a 5-star experience. I’ve been to all the London Everymans and I would say this is actually my favourite; the interior of screen 2 is simply stunning.