Expectant parents?


I’ve been away but it’s so lovely to come back and be reminded how many people this thread has brought out of the woodwork in such a short space of time! @JessGardner I think I’m going to join you at yoga if there’s space this week.


Hi Hannah! Ah that’s exciting! So I suppose I’ll meet you early Feb then, if not before :slight_smile: … hope you’re keeping well. Jess


Yes I agree, and thanks to you for kicking off the process! Great idea to join in yoga - last one for 2016 so should be fun and it’d be lovely to meet you. Kimberly asks for payment in advance (£11) and for first session you’d need to also complete a booking form. Here’s her email address if you’re keen… oaktreeyoga@yahoo.co.uk !


Thanks! I’ll give it a go for this weekend, but if that doesn’t work, see you after Christmas!


Hello, congrats to all expectant parents! I’m due on the 10th March and I have a 2year old son. It would be lovely to meet up with other local mums.


Hi all, we are due our first baby at the end of February and would be very interested in joining this group. We are also booked to do NCT in January, hopefully see some of you there.

I am doing pre-natal Pilates on Wednesday evenings at the Hope Centre on Malham Road. Would highly recommend it!


Great to see so much interest in this topic

We had a category called “Schools” on SE23.life which I have now renamed “Parenting/Schools” to cater for discussions like this one.

Depending on how things go, we can always create an opt-in group later.

By the way, welcome to all of you that are new to SE23.life (several members on this topic). How did you all discover the forum?


Thanks @ChrisBeach that sounds great!

I think I found the forum via Facebook a little while ago. Now seemed a good time to say hello!


Hi. Congrats everyone! I’m Jess and my partner Avnee is due to have our first child on 13th March. It would be great to link up with other local parents-in-waiting!


Heya. We’re waiting for twins to come in January. Good to meet other parents!


So lovely to hear from so many people! Who’d be up for a bit of a get together in the New Year?


I would definitely be up for a get together in the New Year!


Yep. We’d be keen for a meet up in the new year. We (Sharleen and Rob) have NCT 7th, 10th and 14th Jan so hopefully see some of you there too.


My wife is expecting our first baby in February and we’d certainly be interested in hearing about local groups, meetups etc. We are also doing NCT in Jan.


Yes, we would also be keen to meet local (new) parents and find out about local groups in the new year. Let’s make this happen!


You could all set up a Google group or a group on here @ChrisBeach to make arrangements for a meet up between all in this post :slight_smile:


I’m about to upgrade the forum software and the latest version will have a better Groups feature that makes it easier to join groups… I plan to make a “2017 Parents” group so watch this space! :slight_smile:


Groups on here sounds like a great feature.

Meanwhile, I’d recommend everyone join the SE23 Mums group - it’s on Facebook and it’s grown in the last couple of years to more than 3500 people. There’s a lot of info on there and it’s a good source of support for new parents as well as people buying and selling a lot of the child-related paraphernalia which you might need.


Dear @2017_parents - the “2017 Parents” group is now available :tada:

As members of the group, you can see and post into the “2017 Parents” category. These posts are only visible to group members.

To join the group, click “Join Group” on the 2017 Parents members page. (most commenters above have already been added).

Let me know if you have any questions.


Hi Olivia - Lovely to meet you at yoga on Sat - @SteveG85 and I are definitely keen for a New Year get together, Have a great Christmas - next year’s will be very different!