Expectant parents?


Oh I’'d love to, but we’re not back in London until early next week (we’re
relocating back from the US). Definitely keen to come and say hi next time


Thanks Olivia, hoping to join you next time. I am preparing for my PhD Viva on Sunday so I will not be able to join you this time. Are you in the NCT group (day 2 tomorrow) by the way?


Congratulations! What a beautiful photo…


Good luck with your viva! I am indeed* - I’m sorry I didn’t recognise you, see you in the morning though. *We caved and booked on the course, despite what I’d initially said about not doing NCT!


Thanks Olivia, I’m Away this weekend but would be keen to join the next meet up! :blush:


Congrats to you and the family Jonah :tada::tada:


Lovely to have met you and hubby at NCT. Looking forward to more opportunities to connect with local parents.


Could we create a Parents 2018 as well? I am expecting in Jan 2018 and would love to meet some local mums on this forum. I’m in Honor Oak Park!


Congrats @QueenK!

I have created a 2018 Parents group. Anyone who joins this will be able to see and create topics in the “2018 Parents” category. :+1:


:wave: Thought I’d give this thread a bump (:upside_down_face:) because recently found out that we’re expecting late Sept this year! Would love to expand our network of new local parents (especially first timers like us :scream:). Please do get in touch.


Hi Joe.
We’re just done the road due 2nd November.
Hope your “journey” is going well so far!


Perhaps of interest for any fathers taking paternity leave. Friend’s husband set it up as a way of meeting others. In Dulwich so close(ish).


Aw thanks @Sgc :slight_smile: my work is shortly implementing paid shared parental leave so if it comes through in time I’ll definitely check in with the other dads!


Going okay! Feels scary close now though! Starting NCT next week in Dulwich… :grimacing:


Hi Joe! We are in forest hill and are first time parents with a 5 month old boy :blush: hope all is going well, very exciting time!