Extension of Congestion Charge Area under Consideration

Apparently the Government is pressuring Sadiq Khan and TFL to extend the Congestion Zone boundary out to the South Circular.

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Glad it’s not just Sadiq Khan opposing it!
Hopefully they will both oppose robustly scrapping free fare for children & pensioners. That is so grossly unfair on families that are struggling & pensioners that live just on their pensions.
I don’t just live on my pension, but would resent paying fares after working & contributing for so many years.

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Yes, it seems like quite a big change which could have lots of unintended consequences and cause hardships.

Perhaps bringing forward the ULEZ extension would be a better first step.


How much would it cost for a resident inside the CC zone then? According to this they just stopped ‘residents discounts’

So if I drive anywhere I’m paying £15 to drive the last 50 yards to my house? Maybe time to switch to a petrol hybrid although even the TFL website isn’t entirely clear on whether or not you can get a discount and seems to suggest you have to apply to see if you qualify.

From 25 October 2021, the cleaner vehicle discount will change so that only battery electric or hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are eligible. Then from 25 December 2025, the cleaner vehicle discount will be discontinued. From this date, all vehicle owners, unless in receipt of another discount or exemption, will need to pay to enter the Congestion Charge zone during charging hours.

After 2021 it’s only electric vehicles and after 2025 EVERYONE will have to pay £15 any time they take their car anywhere in London if this ‘Circular’ boundary goes through. Is that correct?

Doesn’t really work like that though does it? You don’t get a loyalty discount just because you paid fares for longer.

As far as I recall the agreement on freedom passes was to take them back to a 9.30am start which seems perfectly reasonable.


I thought that was always the case?

I do think removing free fares for children would be \ is completely wrong.

It has been taken to 9 am on buses. 9.30 in trains.
I do not mean any disrespect Hannah, but you are young & hopefully earning a decent wage.
As I say I don’t just have my state pension coming in & my husband is still working although in a different role to before because of arthritis & thus earning a lot less.
When you get to 60 + you will have a different outlook, as you won’t have the income you have now. Again a lot of pensioners live month to month on their state pension & maybe pension credit.

I don’t see why. What’s so special about London children? Children in the country have to pay and their bus fares are much higher. It’s not like children here have the length of journeys that children in the country have to get to school, where fares are so much more costly for everyone and buses are as rare as hen’s teeth. London’s hugely subsidised public transport has us spoilt. I see no problem in a school bus system being free, again as long as it applies Nationwide.


I agree. Also in answer to HannahM, people on low incomes get subsidised rates fir travelling as well, regardless of age.

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Not saying that older people shouldn’t get a freedom pass, just that it need not start at 9am. It never did (hence the LT nickname of Twirly) the change was something introduced by Boris Johnson.

Also no disrespect but I bet a lot of pensioners have much lower housing costs than people my age.


Not sure how this relates to the potential expansion of the Congestion Zone?

It seems that the extremely expensive tube that has been fleecing passengers for decades, is unlikely ever to achieve the same very high usage which everyone just got used to - before the pandemic and Brexit.

The Government is desperately looking to raise cash, and although Boris Johnson himself - as Mayor - cancelled the Westerly expansion of the Congestion zone, he now wants to push Khan into imposing an expansion.

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This would be dreamy …

We’d need it to include proper public transport routes and access across the country too, of course, not just cities.

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Maybe, but if they are renting they will only get benefits if again they are on a low income.
Don’t get me wrong I know how hard it is for the younger generation, especially in the present climate.

No I know a bit off topic, but I was mainly replying to HannahM.

Also agree we who aren’t working don’t need to be getting on public transport before 9-9.30 unless we have an appointment, hence freeing up space for working commuters

I think agreement has broken out! :rofl:


Yes maybe, about public transport pricing.

But my original post was about the proposal to extend the congestion zone. Apparently there are no opinions about that. I don’t think it will happen, but there could be some upside to it for some of us.

Sorry we derailed! As a non car owner I have zero opinions on that other than I would support any measures to reduce air pollution and traffic locally.

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With the state of our Public transport in this area I find I have to rely on lifts from my OH to get to Canada water to go to work at the weekends and on Boxing day (when I also have to go in to work every year) If they introduced the Congestion charge on the South Circ it would make living here pretty unbearable for many.


Extending the ULEZ and/or the Congestion Charge would gridlock our streets here and turn them into car parks. I barely use my car, but when I have to I have to. £15 a day would kill my use of local shops for any major purchases and probably be the death of places like Shannon’s.