External Wall Insulation

I am planning on having external insulation installed on the walls of my house. Has anyone had this done to their property? Would you recommend any local companies?

No suggestions on who to use but just checking you know external wall insulation is included in the green homes grant -> https://www.gov.uk/guidance/apply-for-the-green-homes-grant-scheme

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In my previous place we got the walls done for free via a grant. No recommendations as we used their workers.

We did it and it works well. But as above, no recommendations as the builder did it and he is no longer local.

I think it’s quite a basic thing to do so you may be able to get it done more cheaply speaking to a general builder than a more specialist form.

Thanks for all your replies. I am trying to obtain the government grant, however, the installers need to be approved under a government scheme. It seems that there’s been so many enquiries that the companies are swamped and the added problem is that to be able to receive the grant all work has to be completed by end of March 2021!