Fab FREE Halloween event in FH!

Free Halloween event in FH by http://www.zoolabuk.com
at Sugar Mountain when normally closed Monday 31/10 5-7pm
Snakes, spiders and more oh my!

Please note no creatures will be near any sweet products and this event is ethical & FREE. Please book via sugarmountain.info@gmail.com for your kids free place!

There’s 4 half hour slots for this FREE event on Halloween - 5,5.30,6,6.30pm!

46 places have been booked so only 14 left - email me if you want to book a free place for your kid sugarmountain.info@gmail.com :ghost::ghost::ghost:

Almost fully booked (60) 4 15 kid sessions!
But keeping 5 spaces free for kids to rock up in each group :ghost::ghost::ghost:

We will have fun​:ghost::ghost:

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Hi Pauline, do you have a place left in the 6pm session?

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Yes, I’ve left a few in each slot for peeps just to pop along - see you then :slight_smile:

Thanks very much @ForestHillSNT for sharing on twitter @MPSForestHill - Pop by if you get a chance as @JohnRussell will be doing the photography & it would be fab to get a pic of you guys xx

Great thank you.

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This went down a storm tonight!

And thanks to my friend @JohnRussell for doing the official photography as my pics are not that great, though I have some good un’s with him in action!
Caught on camera mate :joy::joy:

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Thank you for arranging the event and our daughter had a great time :slight_smile:

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No problem Clive, It was in conjunction with SEE3 & Sydenham Arts which is why we were able to make it a free event for the kids, so glad your daughter enjoyed it :slight_smile:

Official pics here by @JohnRussell


Amazing pics, cheers John xx

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