Face Coverings on Public Transport

I travelled on buses from Honor Oak to Catford and back today, and this evening trains from Honor Oak to Sydenham and back. From this admittedly small sample I would say 60% face covering, 40% not. There are definitely people getting on buses and trains without covering. I am not going to get a fit of the vapours on this, but if that proportion is common then mandatory use seems to be a busted flush and a bit of a PR exercise What do others see?

I see that the Govt is now wanting to get people back to work. I understand and get this - pubs and restaurants in the centre of London and Canary Wharf have little chance of surviving without people going into Central London.

However, trying to get people to travel in when for the last few months we’ve been told its very unsafe to use public transport is a bit of a challenge! Not really sure how that circle can be squared.

Personally, I am happy to use local facilities like Babur and Chandos (I accept there is some increased risk but the alternative is staying indoors ad infinitum). But I would be a liar if I said I was itching to get into a crowded Overground or Jubilee for Canary Wharf.


I’ve been getting the tube through central London at rush hour and the tubes aren’t packed. I see the majority of people wearing face masks but about 50% of those either have it round their chin or under their nose!!

I was stood with a police officer the other week (as I was involved in an incident) and a member of public came up to the police officer and accosted him for the lack of mask wearing commuters. The officer advised that TfL staff have no legal powers to enforce the masks so aren’t really doing anything to enforce it. I later asked the police officer if he had penalised many commuters and he said they had only done a handful of people.

I’m not sure how people can feel morally fine with themselves for not wearing a mask if they don’t have valid health reasons not to.

From what I’ve seen it’s mostly young construction men not wearing masks every morning. Usually travelling in groups and chatting, spreading their germs everywhere without a single concern for anyone else.


I find it morally weird that people want to force others to wear face coverings. And then waste police resources enforcing it.

Do you find our drink driving laws morally weird?


Because some people just don’t get it. Wearing a mask is not hard.


That’s not my point. There’s a difference between encouraging, educating and asking VS forcing, fining and trying to involve the police.

But it’s clear the police aren’t bothered anyway.

The government seemed to make the lockdown feel like ones social duty, they could probably do with attempting something similar here.

Wear a mask > protect the economy > save jobs ?? :roll_eyes:


It’s a temporary and minor inconvenience which will probably save lives.

I don’t understand why people are making a fuss about the requirement to wear masks.

Definitely needs to be enforced, if we’re to have any hope of people complying. Recent mass gatherings (eg protests) have shown that some people just don’t take Covid-19 seriously, and are willing to endanger other people’s lives.


Alternatively, perhaps the protests have shown that they also take other issues seriously.


I got back from Portugal last week (now isolating even though no one took our Passenger Contact form at Luton) and almost everyone is wearing masks virtually all of the time. Not on the street but in taxis, airport, underground, shops etc. No issues but shopkeepers were very firm about it if we forgot. Polite but firm and after a day or two it becomes ingrained.
I really do not understand the moral argument against compulsion especially as people have shown they wont wear them unless forced to. We are compelled by law to do all sorts of things like wearing clothes in public, putting on seat belts in cars, not taking drugs and thousands of other things. I don’t see why wearing a mask should be that different.


The best argument I’ve seen for wearing masks was the Blitz analogy where people were told to black out their windows at night. Everyone did it, because if one person decided not to they would put everyone else at risk.


I should also say looking at people and assuming they don’t have a valid medical condition or a valid exemption as per the rules is very discriminatory.

It’s like when people at work admonish others for not taking the stairs not realising they have a disability or injury.

Not all medical conditions are visible. Especially those to do with respiratory illness, mental health etc.


Am I missing something here… who’s assuming anything?

I’d have thought anyone with a respiratory disease would be the first person to wear a mask. If it’s literally that they can’t breathe through one, then surely one of those face shield things is going to be effective.

I agree it should be enforced, but during the time of the protests it wasn’t law yet, so not required: even so there are plenty of pictures of protesters from both sides both wearing and not wearing masks.


I’m in Canada. I’m advised that almost everyone is wearing masks when in shops and the like with many wearing them outside as well.

I say advised as I’m halfway through a mandatory two week quarantine. I had to register a quarantine plan on arrival. And have been checked up on twice already to ensure I’m sticking to it. I know of someone who was fined $1000 for breaking it.


It as easy as wearing underwear, which most of us do all the time. I really don’t understand the issue??


We are off to Spain in August. We will have to wear masks. I did 19 hours to South Africa in Feb/Mar this year wearing a mask. It wasn’t an issue. When I lived in Japan we wore them when we had a cold, all Japanese do. It wasn’t an issue.

Some people really need to grow up.


I have only been going out to the shops the last couple of weeks & on buses, trains, (not the tube) as I have been shielding. I wear a mask on transport & in shops as I feel it gives me protection.
I think people that just refuse to wear them are just plain selfish, as they obviously don’t think anything is going to happen to them.


How many of you have had one of those blue disposable masks fail on you? On the way to work I went to put my mask on a Sydenham station and both strings broke. That’s the second time that’s happened now.

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Some of them are rubbish. I bought decent FFP3 masks from Toolstation. Much better fit and far more comfortable. And you can’t wear them on your chin!

We’ve been getting the blue and yours from Office Monster. I quite like the blue for comfort and ability to speak.

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