Fallen baby bird!

Just found a tiny tiny baby bird, on my doorstep. A quick google says it’s a hatchling. Not close to being able to fly or open it’s eyes yet.
Google also says to leave the bird in a warm box where found, away from cats and predators, and the mother will hopefully return for it. However, there is nowhere safe to leave it! And I don’t have an enclosed garden.
RSPCA are all closed right now!
It’s currently in a blanketed box.
Any advice?

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It may have fallen out of its nest but there might be another reason sadly.

It might have been pushed out by stronger siblings if the nest is starting to feel too small. If the parents have limited resources, they will focus on the strongest chicks who are most likely to survive.

If there’s no nest nearby, then could a predator have grabbed it but abandoned it after being disturbed?

Not sure if there’s anything else you can do tonight other than keep it warm and your fingers crossed that it’s still alive by morning.


Thank you for your advice! Really appreciated. Fingers crossed it’ll be okay until tomorrow

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Any news? Did it survive the night? :crossed_fingers:

Sadly, it didn’t survive. He did chirp up in the evening, and we managed to get it to have a little water, but I think he was in shock from the fall, and just couldn’t recover properly. I feel better knowing it was not alone and not from a fox or cat! Hopefully it’s sisters and brothers don’t jump until they have a few more feathers!


Sad to hear but yes, hope its siblings survive.


Always sad.

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It is very sad, but as you say you at least gave it a few hours comfort :green_heart:

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