Farmers market at Horniman on Sunday

We have noticed that since the farmers market has moved to Sunday its gone somewhat downhill.
We have been buying our veg and salad stuff from the same stall since the market started.
Now there appears to be a different vendor on the same pitch with a much depleted selection (yes-we are taking into account seasonality)
and at MUCH higher prices.
really sad-I remember when there were two really good fruit and veg stalls there.
our last few visits we’ve come away light of purse with little to show for it and had to go elsewhere to pad out our weeks salads and veg. As an avid juicer this is a real pain.
Also the Cheese stall is nowhere near as good as the original vendor and again much more expensive.
We’ve decided not to waste our time going there again SO can anyone suggest a good relatively local well stocked farmers market that we can go to instead because Sainsburys just has a very sad selection.

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It is a while since I was there (given that it was still on Saturdays!) but even then I found so much if it was street food stalls rather than produce that I stopped bothering. It’s a shame as I was very excited about it when it first started.


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