Fashion Clearance Outlet Now open Stanstead road



Opening times:

Monday 10am-6pm
Tuesday 10am-6pm
Wednesday 10am-6pm
Thursday 10am-6pm
Friday 10am-6pm
Saturday 10am-6pm

Stanstead road
Forest hill
Se23 1hh

( formerly Maplins )

Closest train station : Forest hill
Closest bus stop- 122 , 185 ( forest hill fire station)

A fashion forward clothing store for all of the Forest hill fashionistas !
We have a fabulous range of branded women’s wear at budget prices to suit all tastes and sizes!
We stock jeans, jackets, dresses, tops, knitwear, athletic wear, handbags and accessories.

Everything you see in store is £10 or less.

We stock well recognised high street and boutique brands at affordable prices on your doorstep!

We are a dedicated team on hand to help you find that perfect outfit of gift. Whether it’s a last minuet accessory or wardrobe refurb your looking for, come on by and we will walk you through our very own forest hill catwalk!

We look forward to welcoming you all to our new store!

Discount Fashion Outlet (formerly Maplin)

Where about on Stansted Road? can you say what it is next to, to give an idea?


It’s the old Maplins store, beside Shannon’s Garden Centre.


Hi Gillipops ,
Yes ofcorse as Rachael kindly said, it’s beside Shannons garden centre and the shurgard storage center - opposite the railway telegraph pub.
We have parking available and disabled access- I’ll add this to the original post.Thanks for the heads up.
The 185 bus and 122 go past , after the co-op and before the fire station.
Hope this helps.
We look forward to welcoming you!


Hi Racheal!
Thanks for taking care of Gillipops for me !
Have a lovely weekend and I hope you get a chance to thank you in person !
Stephanie x


I’ll have to pop in…will you be selling children’s clothing too?


Hi Klairlouise,

At present we are stocking womenswear only.

We have just opened doors with a women’s range ,but we have had a lot of interest in children’s and male wear.
However for the young ladies, we have sizes from small (size 4) upto adult size 24.

As a forest hill resident myself, with a 6 year old son, I can relate to the need for children’s ware. It would be great to kit out the kids locally!
It’s something we are talking with our partners about now. So please keep checking in as this is something that we are taking seriously.
I appreciate the feedback, it lets us know what we need locally and on that note,this topic is open to all suggestions.
I look forward to meeting you in person,
Have a lovely weekend!
Stephanie x



That didn’t last long… oh well…


Hi Anotherjohn ,
Such a shame - I must say I haven’t been part of the store since October , but from my last conversation with the landlord - he hopes to turn the property into a boutique hotel in the future- maybe that has something to do with it.
Also the dialysis centre will be moving to Lewisham.

They could have put the mannequins behind the shutters though!


It’s always sad to see someone have a go and fail.
Hopefully, it’ll do better next time.


typical… no hotels in Forest Hill for years, then three come along at once.


Just how many hotels do landlords seriously think Forest Hill need?
Co-Op site, Portakabin site, All In One site, You’ve gotta be kidding!


I’d just assumed some social commenting art installation from Camberwell School of Arts.

Comment of the month. :laughing:

In fairness the proposal for the Portakabin site was for flats. But yes. Quite. It’ll be a race to see who opens their doors first.


Quite a bit of effort was put into it , so I’m sad to see it go - it had such great potential!
For me personally , I enjoyed being there and it was great to be able to work in an area where I live and love - I think we have got such a nice community vibe here !
Best of luck to them and what may come !


At least it means we won’t have to put family up for visits ! Silver linings and all that !


Best of luck to you xx