Featured In Fifteen this Thursday 14th Sept 7.30pm at The Signal



Don’t miss out on this fab event featuring our very own local writer @TomAngel & local artist from Havelock Walk Rob Lowe AKA Supermundane!

And can you work out where the free tickets & free prints by Rob have been hidden today?
Mmm I wonder where they could be :lollipop::books:

Finders keepers, so start looking out for them tomorrow!


Looking forward to seeing everyone - I’ll be signing copies of the 2nd edition of the Life Assistance Agency on the night.


I went to this last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. If it wasn’t clear from the poster, the organisers (all local) create a theme and then invite other locals to speak to it for 15 minutes. The theme last night was resilience and perserverance.

Local artist Supermundane aka Rob Lowe was hilarious. His slightly longer than 15 minutes review of his professional career was sprinkled with funny anecdotes and a touch Eddie Izzard in delivery. He finished with self-penned song - Time (New Roman) based on fonts.

Local advocate Amy Meadows brought levity to the night with her story about suicide and her work to demystify and address this chronic issue in the country.

The speakers got a break and we were entertained with a local singer who regaled us with show tunes from Half a Six Pence to Dream Girls. I’m sorry but I can’t remember her name but my music obsessed OH was mesmorized. High praise.

Finally local author, parent and general layabout @TomAngel delivered a funny yet insightful story of his own creative process. His first book the Life Assistance Agency was a 13 year project and he delighted in reminding all he was published. PS. The draft of the sequel was finished last Thursday.

It was a wonderful evening and the Signal a great venue. Upstairs was rearranged with a variety of comfy chairs and stools and had the feel of someone’s living room. And the staff as usual were marvelous, simply marvelous.

The next event is November 16th and will move around the corner into Havelock Walk.


PS. Rob Lowe looks different from his Brat Pack days. Shorter too.

(like he’s never heard that before).


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