Feeding foxes with leftovers (again)



I was woken up again during the night on account of screaming foxes, which I accept is part and parcel of living in an area at this time of year which has quite a large fox population. What I cannot accept, however, is people leaving left over food out for these wild animals and encouraging them further into the area…

I understand that a certain couple on Ebsworth St in Honor Oak are back to their old tricks and have recently left some spare ribs out for the local vermin to devour in recent days, with not a thought for the resulting mess made nor for domestic animals that will be attracted to this food source and could end up choking,

This in my mind is simply unacceptable and what I consider to be anti social behaviour that should not be allowed to continue; given the offence this pair have caused in the past by behaving this way they clearly have a total lack of empathy for a number of people that live in the surrounding area.



I agree with you, @Jerry, and there’s an ongoing report for this on FixMyStreet.com.


The council have now visited this couple several times and to be fair they’re not feeding the foxes nearly as regularly as they did before.

I’d advise anyone concerned to add their comments and re-open the issue on FixMyStreet (currently marked as “fixed” by the council)


Update on FixMyStreet today:


At it again:


… and if anyone saw a crazed, middle-aged man in a onesie running up and down Ebsworth Street scaring away noisy foxes tonight… that was me :triumph:


I think that the Council need to get pest control in to put them down humanely. And then deal with the foxes.


That brought a genuine belly laugh. Thank you.


That was fun. You made me laugh lol
Anyway Forest Hill is full of foxes.
Who knows, maybe that couple need an eye check up on Specsavers


FYI, all concerned: