Feral kids due to snow

‘Attacked’ twice this evening in and around the north-to-south station underpass steps by kids seemingly finding fun throwing snowballs at strangers rather than amongst themselves. A brief suggestion that they might have more fun doing the latter was met with another snowball at my face.

I’m all for having fun in the snow but this was aggressive and intimidating rather than ‘fun’.


awful vile little so and so’s its hard enough struggling home from work tonight without having to fend off vile kids

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Never realised I was feral once when I was young until now


The ones we had the misfortune of meeting tonight were beyond having a bit of laugh. Abusing people, swearing as well as the snowballing and then threatening us when they were called out… it was all bluster but quite worrying if you were on your own.

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I understand that and got that from your message on the other thread hence I assumed those incidents were Not related

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