FH lampost Christmas lights

I notice the usual wound string of Xmas lights is adorning our lamposts again this year but compared to some other nearby highstreets they seem very boring. Does anyone know how they are alloted throughout the borough?


I can think of better things to spend council money on than pretty lights that are better than another council’s pretty lights.

Mmmm doesn’t really answer the question though does it. Also the other high streets are all in Lewisham. Just wondering if anyone knew.

It offers quite a lot of people at this time of year, regardless of Covid, some much needed cheer.

Bring on the lights.


Can’t think of anything more depressing than Christmas lights in the first half of November.

Are they turned on?

The year is 2020 and the most depressing thing you can imagine is lights in November. Are you living in a bubble?


It’s just a figure of speech, Michael: we call it ‘hyperbole.’

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The Council has a contract with Skanska for Christmas lights across the borough - these are the LED wrap-around lights.

Some wards may have additional lights (e.g.motifs) - these have usually been funded through Local Assemblies, or via crowdfunding.


Thank you for explaining @SophieDavis
Does this mean that Skanska’s Christmas lights contract for the other District centres, Blackheath, Deptford, Downham, Lee Green and Sydenham are all limited to the same LED wrap-around lights that we’ve got?
And, if we were to raise money for something a little more elaborate, would Skanska’s contract extend to fitting them for us or would that have to be quoted-for separately?


This is one of the most creative treatments of Christmas lights I’ve seen, and could definitely be something I’m sure local schools would love to get involved with…


Thank you. That explains a lot.

Really like this idea.


I think lights are often enhanced locally by local traders. There is Forest Hill Traders Association but it has been dormant for a couple of years.


This is fabulous. Probably a bit late to organise it this year but we should definitely look into it for next year. Love it!


Re Skanska’s contract, my understanding is that it all depends on the quantities (across the borough) as there is a limit within the Contract as “free issue”. Once Skanska go over this figure the Council have to pay to install / remove / test and store etc.

If there’s space the only additional cost apart from supplying the Motifs (cannot use wrap around pea lights) is any possible commando sockets on the lamp columns ( roughly £293 per column) for the lights to plug into. The rest is covered within the Contract.

If people want to put together a proposal for next year, I’ll be happy to liaise with Skanska about it, or put you in touch.


Great, I can bring this up with FHSoc and the FHTA too. It might take a while to plan, but I imagine it would be a fun thing to do to engage with local primary schools. I wonder how they picked the winners? And I wonder if any 6th form art/science classes could volunteer to make the lights too. It would be great to community source as much of this as possible.


Here’s a little more information!


Good idea. Our lights could then be really great. If they could also continue to the end of the shops in Dartmouth Road they would be fantastic.